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Cloud Computing Network Configuration

Cloud Computing Network Configuration – Once it grows beyond just a handful of employees, an organization needs a way to share information. Imagine a flower shop with twenty employees. Telephone order takers need access to a store’s customer list, as do delivery people and bookkeepers. Now, a store can have one computer and everyone can share it. However, there may be multiple computers (some for sales, one for distribution, and one for bookkeeping). In this case, everyone should ensure that customer records are updated on all computers whenever changes are required.

Similarly, many companies want their computers to run their own software and process data independently. But they want people to share databases, files and printers, and they want them to share software that does certain tasks, like word processing or creating spreadsheets. perform specific tasks, including word processing, creating and managing spreadsheets, creating graphic presentations, and producing high-quality printed documents (

Cloud Computing Network Configuration

Cloud Computing Network Configuration

As in Figure 15.7 “Local Area Network (LAN)”, some networks are client-server systems that connect client machines (workers that input and retrieve data) and servers (that store shared databases and programs). , which includes many client machines (used by employees for data entry and retrieval) and servers (which store the database and processes used to process the data). Such arrangements save time and money and disseminate more accurate information.

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Clouds are “visible masses of condensed water vapor floating in the atmosphere, usually high above the ground.” “Cloud,”, (accessed November 15, 2011). The term “cloud computing” Cloud computing means performing computer tasks using services provided on the Internet. ” means performing computer tasks using services provided over the Internet. Melanie Pinola, “What is Cloud Computing?,”, ( (accessed November 15, 2011). So how do you reconcile these two statements? When IT professionals design computer systems, they use the cloud symbol to represent the Internet. So when you hear or read that people or companies use the “cloud” or that technology firms, such as IBM, Hewlett-Packard and, offer cloud services, simply substitute the word “Internet” for the word “cloud” and things will say. Make sense .

You might be surprised to learn that you’re already using the cloud—that is, if you’re using Facebook (which you may be, the mere mention of Facebook here might prompt you to stop reading and check your friends’ pages). How do you know if Facebook is a cloud application? Remember the trick: just put the word “Internet” in “cloud”. The Facebook computer application allows you to store information about yourself and share it with others using the Internet.

Think about the functional areas of business that you have explored in this text: accounting, finance, human resources, management, marketing, operations, and product design. Now imagine that you are Katrina Lane, senior vice president and chief technology officer of Caesars Entertainment, responsible for the information technology required to handle the various tasks across these functional areas. You were sitting at your desk when Gary Loveman, Caesar’s chief executive, walked in and gave you the news. Caesars recently purchased the Planet Hollywood Casino and Resort in Las Vegas and will open two new casinos in Ohio in 2012. This is great news for the company, but it means a lot of work for you and your employees.

You’re wondering if it’s time to outsource some of your computing tasks to a technology firm that specializes in cloud computing. You remember an example that makes perfect sense: Paul Gil, “What is Cloud Computing?,”, (accessed November 15 2011). Currently, every time Microsoft comes out with a new version of Word, Caesars must pay $350 per PC for the latest version. Wouldn’t it make more sense to rent the use of the Microsoft Word program from a cloud vendor for $5 a month (or $60 a year)? Since the average time between new releases of Word is two years, your total cost per PC is $120 (2 × $60)—a savings of about $230 per PC ($350 – $120 ). Your employees will not worry; instead of working offline, they will simply log on to the Internet and work with their own online version using files stored for them. And your IT staff will be glad they don’t have to install new versions of Word on all your PCs.

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Companies can contract for various cloud computing services. The example of Microsoft Word discussed earlier is classified as software as a service (SaaS) Software as a service type of cloud computing gives companies access to various software packages without investing in hardware or installing and maintaining the software on their own computers. . . This type of service gives companies access to a variety of software packages without investing in hardware or installing and maintaining software on their computers. Available software, including email and collaboration systems and customer relationship management systems, can be customized and used by individual customers or shared between multiple customers. The second type of service is called infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Technology firms that provide infrastructure as a service provide hardware to users, including servers, processing units, network equipment and disk space. . Instead of providing users with software, infrastructure-as-a-service technology firms provide hardware, including servers, central processing units, network equipment and disk space. “Software as a Service/Resources as a Service,” Thrive Networks, March 2009, (accessed November 15, 2001). The most successful IaaS provider is Amazon Web Services. “Infrastructure as a Service,” Best Price Computers, (accessed November 15, 2011). The company leases computing power and storage to users who access their data over the Internet. The latter model as a service is called platform as a service (PaaS). Those who offer the platform as a service component of cloud computing offer services that allow users to develop custom web applications. . Those who offer platforms as a service offer services that allow users to develop custom web applications. Because they don’t have to start from scratch but build on existing platforms provided by service providers, web applications can be developed quickly.

“Traditional business applications and platforms are very complex and expensive. They require data centers, complex software and teams of experts to run.”

In making your final decision (as Caesar’s pretend technology officer) you should consider these advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing:

Cloud Computing Network Configuration

While the benefits of moving to the cloud outweigh the disadvantages, the following are worth worrying about:

Pdf] Lean Configuration Management Systems Implementation For The Governance: A Cloud Computing Case Study

So, posing as Caesar’s chief technology officer, what’s your decision: are you going to use the cloud or stay on-premises? If you’re curious about what a true technology officer does, take the high road and migrate from other applications to’s Web-based application cloud service. “Caesars Entertainment Hits Efficiency Jackpot with,”, (accessed November 16, 2011). CloudAccess contains manual routing tables, supports two Network Interface Cards (NIC) and provides a proxy front. The proxy front is for testing purposes only.

CloudAccess supports two Network Communication Cards (NICs) per node in the cluster. You can configure one NIC for the management network and a second NIC for the public network. Whether the nodes in each cluster have one or two NICs configured, the cluster itself has only two DNS names: one for the Management NIC and one for the Public NIC.

If you configure two NICs on one device, you must configure all other nodes in the array with two NICs.

The network diagram shows that each node has both NICs enabled. The first NIC is the management interface of the node and the second NIC is the public interface of the node. All administrative and corporate information remains on the management side of the network. All user requests and application requests communicate only through the public interface. This configuration provides a layer of security for your business information.

Proposed Cloud Computing Architecture. Iii. Configuration Of Storage…

CloudAccess provides a routing table that you can use if your network has static routes. A routing table allows you to determine the next hop in your network of nodes in a cluster to reach the right destination.

This tool contains self-signed SSL and SAML certificates, by default both are named ag4csrv1, but we strongly recommend that you replace the default certificate with a self-signed certificate from a known Certificate Authority. The required format for trading other than key pairs is .pfx. This format contains the private key, certificate and trusted root required for export.

A second confirmation of an expired key prevents changes being made to this page and turns the key field red. If the key expires, you must restart the device before uploading a new certificate. For more information, see Starting the Device. Showcase your artistic skills by introducing this eye-catching PowerPoint template. It is titled Network Configuration of a Common Standard Computer Architecture Pattern

Cloud Computing Network Configuration

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