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How To Create A Craftsman Style

How To Create A Craftsman Style – If you’re a fan of this blog, I’m sure you have a deep love (or at least a deep love) for your home.

From soul to soul our main goal is to inject as much energy as possible into any home, no matter when it is built. But let’s be honest, there’s nothing like a house with real history… like 100 years A house that has seen some sh*t I know that when the phrase “they don’t build like they used to” is uttered, I roll my eyes a little in silent defense of my generation or I immediately agree (and listen) because well, it’s true. . So when I opened my email a few weeks ago and saw a beautifully restored Craftsman home, my heart was filled. The obvious urgency struck me immediately and the need to know more

How To Create A Craftsman Style

How To Create A Craftsman Style

Enter “Soul Keepers”, Jamie and her husband Craig These two are no strangers to renovating historic homes He does it as a hobby or more or less according to Jamie

Craftsman Style Interior Design Guide

The kid had a month (yes, a month) before he saw this house for sale Because when he saw it he knew he had to live again

The house is now for sale (I know!) because Jamie and Craig have a beautifully restored home that they are not ready to let go of. So after they restored this beauty, they called on the beloved EHD, A 1000 X Better, a staging and design company to make sure it was as welcoming as possible to their potential buyers. And since we’re all about beautiful homes and how to build them, we’re going to go over 7 key design elements you’ll want to consider when designing the perfect (and somewhat unexpected) Craftsman home. In Jamie’s words, β€œ

You don’t open a craftsman’s house and create an open concept You embrace your unique personality and add it where you can It is truly a labor of love

“We couldn’t agree more. So let’s discuss how to design a historic home that will stand the test of time, so that proud traditions are preserved for future generations πŸ™‚

How To Install Beautiful Craftsman Style Trim

Wood patterns and accents are what make a Craftsman home so special The warmth and texture it brings is off the charts I mean, look at this living room Instead of painting and/or putting a high gloss on all that gorgeous wood, they return it to its natural state Does it look super modern? No. But that’s what makes it special It seems that the wood is basically naked, revealing your soul to you

“We stripped all the wood on the first floor and had real historic carpenters work to make sure the wood had the right feel, stain and patina. We had Alder baseboards custom milled to match what we had in the house. We had decorative crown molding that was very nice.” That matches what we found. We cut the house in Douglas fir, because the house smells better if you use real pieces of wood.

When Emily and I looked at these photos, we realized that when it comes to painting a Craftsman home, you only have two choices when it comes to color – too dark (like the stunning living room above) or too light… like. White or light Gray – Ideally a cool tone color, away from beige This is key, especially if you have plenty of natural wood For example, a warm red color will look similar to a medium wood tone

How To Create A Craftsman Style

Of course, there are exceptions and wallpaper is another story (we’ll talk about that later) but choosing a high-contrast color is the best way to make wood accents pop.

Tips To Create A Craftsman Style Bathroom

Before we continue, I think we need a moment to capture the incredible beauty of this window. I say how?! He really knew what he was doing 100 years ago πŸ™‚

With one of those paints you make the entire front visible Take the deadly arrow and stair rail in the photo above The dark color makes the whole thing pop and really helps the natural wood stand out more It would still be beautiful if they weren’t painted but way less of a wow moment

This built-in bench is another good example It really stands out because of the paint color and gives the place a fresh feel which is important in the face of history You want to preserve its history and bring it to life, but also experience it in today’s world

In true EHD fashion, we love any opportunity to “mix it up” and create unexpected moments. A 1000 X is no stranger to good “unexpected moments” but in my humble opinion, they hit it out of the park with the cool mint wicker desk and sofa. I honestly don’t know if I can live happily ever after without the sofa in my room. For me, you (Sofa) are perfect

Design Elements Of Craftsman Style House Plans

Different style from home But since it’s in the house’s color palette and has a natural texture, it works perfectly and makes the room stand out.

Two places to temporarily store temporary flags in a craftsman’s home are in the kitchen and bathroom By all means, have fun with the decorations after all the hard (and permanent) work is done but as Jamie says, “

We chose a finish that would have been used in 1905 Marble, soapstone, real wood cabinets that beg to be pictured and feel like wood to the touch.

How To Create A Craftsman Style

“Really the last thing you want is to regret your countertop choice because it doesn’t feel right

Craftsman House Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

So now that we have some hot tips, let’s take a moment to admire this kitchen There is nothing here that I don’t love The cabinet legs and island legs have just the right amount of detail to pay homage to the Agar style, but everything else has a light, traditional feel that feels more modern. It looks updated (in the best way). Also, those stairs are great, aren’t they?

Too much Immersion Coat hook Shower Shower Handle Round mirror Source of vintage pendants Accent wall color

I want to take a shower in this bathroom This is another example of Jamie and Craig’s talent for creating modern updates but respecting the original architecture of the home. Make sure each object has a visual texture Tiles, countertops, antique brass, and wood bring life to any space Nothing feels specific, which is always the goal when designing

Mountain Flash (grape shade). Scones (vintage shade). | Fact Shower handle Shower head and trim Too much Drawer pulls Mirror

Easy Craftsman Style Door Casing Update

Same goes for this small bathroom They use the same beautiful materials and equipment as the house but improve it in the best possible way Also, all the eyes of the heart for me around that marble tub

You may have noticed that in all of these photos, all the lights are wired more on the modern traditional side We think it’s the way to go (and what Em did in her English Tudor home). Keep a durable type of design element in line with your home’s style for longevity and overall respect for that style. I mean you probably chose a historic home for the right reasons?

I know we’ve said before that only very dark or very light colors are used in artisan home interiors (which is what all the photos are after) but we also think that wallpaper is a great way to make a room stand out. We would recommend choosing a pattern that has a nostalgic feel like the charm we chose for the powder bath. If not, just choose a texture but not necessarily modern, you’re throwing out the vintage baby with the historical bathwater.

How To Create A Craftsman Style

Yes, you have Amazing home tour with tips that I hope will be helpful to any historic home owner and mover. Big thanks to Jamie and Craig for letting us present this beautiful project We are very happy that someone wants to celebrate the design history and take good care of it

The Design Finishes In Our Modern Craftsman Home

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