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How To Create A French Country Style

How To Create A French Country Style – It’s about French landscaping: simplicity, refinement, human brilliance. It may seem ambitious and difficult to achieve, but it’s not – just let us break it down for you. This look is all about mixing and matching. Combine natural materials, muted colors, gel fabrics, high-quality lighting, gold accents, optical accessories and more – all of them creative. Create matching sets and focus on old items instead of buying new. French country decor is less about sticking to tradition or buying pieces and more about buying things that make you happy and find a place in your existing collection.

The advantage of French landscaping is that it is warm, inviting and comfortable. There aren’t many rules about what colors to use and what not to use. Any color can work in French country house decor – the tone is key. Choose a deep blue instead of a cobalt blue, or a tree in a forest green instead of a coral-colored emerald. In a French country kitchen, bronze and antique brass are the two most popular metal choices for appliances and utensils.

How To Create A French Country Style

How To Create A French Country Style

To inspire you and maybe even help you to think of a new design, we have compiled 32 elegant examples of French landscape, from modern and visionary interpretations to classic interpretations. Read on to learn about its features and be inspired to incorporate French country decor into every room in your home.

Awe Inspiring French Country Living Room Ideas

Instead of opting for patterned wallpaper or a big pop of color, designer Erin Martin went a third way: a large mural. Asymmetrical paint highlights the vaulted ceiling and draws attention to the room’s curves and soft light.

Powder rooms often lack the necessary furniture for a true design period, but that doesn’t mean French landscaping ends at the door. In this powder room by Mallory Kaye, an old table is given new life as a vanity and a stone sink adds a rustic feel.

Without the shiny metal railing, this kitchen by designers Carey Maloney and Hermes Mallea wouldn’t be the same. Not only do copper pots add warmth and style, but the grill also provides additional storage space, allowing the collection to grow over time.

In contrast to the smooth, straight lines of the modern world, French landscaping emphasizes curves and soft edges. In this New York apartment designed by Ariel Okin, a surf-shaded table and bright lights shade the space’s architecture.

French Country Style: How To Create This Rustic Chic Look

In order to get the most out of the style of a French country house, you need a lot of living space. Opt for neutral dressing and patterned patterns for an eclectic look. If the printed seats are not enough, use your blanket as another fabric.

In addition to being very clean, designer Meta Coleman painted this restaurant a buttery yellow to complement the warm wood floors. Combined with the other two primary colors, this simple palette creates a space that is unique.

In the dining room of this Cape Cod property, designer Kathryn M. Ireland chose a navy rug for the tabletop and reupholstered the owners’ Gustavian chairs to maintain a historic touch. And then there’s the funky cubist era just around the corner.

How To Create A French Country Style

With soft bed sheets in various colors, this bedroom exudes warmth and taste. The high floor, a floorboard that provides bright, playful colors while still keeping in touch with the style of the French country house.

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French interior doors are a wish list for castle decoration. In this large living room by Romanek Design Studio, the minimal design, created against the background of classic architectural fabric, is decorative, a new symbol of French country decorations.

The beautiful, large antique chandeliers in this foyer really set the tone for the rest of the home. Exposed beams, stone tile floors and a simple coffee table create a French country feel.

Experience Marie Antoinette with fun frills, layered drapes, curved lines and fun details like a fringed awning. Here, John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon painted a diamond pattern in mint green and white to cover the damaged hardwood floors. “More than seven years ago the color still holds – a sign that the painted surfaces are full of substance and full of pizzazz,” they said, adding: “The chairs are easier to move. dining room on wooden floor on carpet.”

In the dining room of this Manhattan duplex designed by Garrow Kedigian, a circa-1900 mahogany table is surrounded by antique chairs bought at a Paris flea market and reupholstered in Schumacher velvet.

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Another aspect of French country house design is furniture and small prints. Note: Throw away your larger items. Looking for a way to make her feel better? Designer Corey Damen Jenkins combines colorful abstract art and modern photography with classic elements such as an antique table and furniture, while a plexiglass chair adds a contemporary feel.

White painted brick floors and stone tile floors make this kitchen look beautiful. With iron utensils and hanging brass cookware, we can almost smell the aroma of French cuisine from here.

An entire gallery wall with antique gold panels and classic photos is a great way to add dimension to a living room. And of course, the Louise XV-style folding is always a good thing.

How To Create A French Country Style

Exposed ceiling beams, worn wooden floors, colorful textiles and antique paintings and display trays create a stunning dining space.

My French Country Home Magazine » Create A French Holiday Tablescape

Studio Razavi has given this historic building in Lyon, France some modern updates while emphasizing the authenticity of the place. Floating shelves, bright emerald accents, and bamboo floors anchor the living room today, while the raw materials of the mantel and exposed beams keep it true to its history.

Designer Darryl Carter added wood beams and shutters to this 1980s living room to give it a French country feel.

To model French landscaping in a more modern way, choose a jute rug in the living room. So dress up a Louis XVI-style chair with a fun, modern fabric and decorate your walls with abstract art.

Although this sink has a modern aesthetic, there are many references to French country style throughout the space. Examples include old trays, water bottles and glass bottles.

French Country Decor: Everything You Need To Know

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How To Create A French Country Style

The theme of the style of the French country house is the theme of color. In this article, we will share three pillars of the perfect color palette for French country homes. Our inspiring photos will let you know what to do and what to do.

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Check out our tips and checklists to design your kitchen in French country style. The kitchen is a central space suitable for cooking and gathering. Here are our tips for a French country kitchen perfect for cooking and entertaining for family occasions. Get a stylish and functional French country kitchen!

The bedroom is the room where the things in our body represent and help us to relax after tiring days.

For those who love French style and Parisian interiors, check out our tips for a French or Parisian bedroom. No matter where you are in the world, you can have a bedroom in this French style that is very calm … it will take you to your dreams in Paris!

The choice of wall decoration is the last touch to decorate a room. These last details ensure the comfort of the room. So it is important to choose them carefully.

French Country Kitchen Stencil

In our guide we will tell you French wall decoration ideas for each room: kitchen, living room and bedroom. Lots of inspiration for your home!

Whether you’re new to French country style decorating or an expert, you’ll find inspiration, practical tips and fresh decorating ideas. We are here to help you! From a French Country color palette to customized landscaping to step-by-step instructions for each room (French Country kitchen, French Country bedroom…), you’ll find everything you need to build the French Country home of your dreams!

We add new French landscaping guides, shopping and tips every month. So, add this site to your favorites! Whether it’s fashion, food or interior design, French style is common. French country cuisine evokes a feeling within us. With the right colors from the Provençal country, rustic accents and some elements – French country kitchens impress with simple elegance. And if you follow his style in your own home, every day will be like a holiday in the south of France.

How To Create A French Country Style

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