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How To Create A Hollywood Regency Style

How To Create A Hollywood Regency Style – Learn all about Hollywood Regency design and discover how you can create this charming style in your space.

If you’ve ever been described as Team Too Much, if minimalist design has no place in your home, and you’re looking for something extra, allow us to introduce you to our friend Hollywood Regency Style.

How To Create A Hollywood Regency Style

How To Create A Hollywood Regency Style

Also known as Regency Modern, this style is all about aesthetic maximalism. Imagine a hot pink sofa with a zebra print rug and a gold chandelier, and you’re starting to get the picture. With the Hollywood Regency style, you don’t need to tone down your quirky personality to fit the interior design style—if anything, you can twist it.

Interior Design Styles: Hollywood Regency Interior

If you’re ready to curate an eclectic collection of over-the-top home decor, it’s time to learn what goes into Hollywood Regency design and find out how you can achieve the look in your own space.

Each design style draws inspiration from dozens of external elements—including the natural, cultural, political, and artistic environments that shape it. The minimalist style, for example, emerged as a response to rampant consumerism.

Most styles are also influenced by the design aesthetics that came before them – they either deliberately deviate from those styles or make small changes that make the previous style something new.

Hollywood Regency design adapts elements of Baroque, Rococo and Neoclassical styles. These styles were full of old-fashioned glamor with curved lines and golden surfaces.

Glamourous Room With Wall And Ceiling Finished With Gold. Interior Design Of Hollywood Regency Style Living Room. Created With Generative Ai Stock Illustration

Like the Rococo style, the Hollywood Regency style is glamorous in a playful way that doesn’t take itself too seriously. And like Neoclassicism (which was actually a departure from the over-the-top styles of the Baroque and Rococo periods), Hollywood Regency features some clean lines and loves a well-placed column.

The Hollywood Regency style occurred between the Art Deco period and the Mid-Century Modern period, and you can see elements of both in Hollywood Regency decor. You’ll find the glam gold tones, geometric patterns, mirrored furniture, and plush velvet fabrics of Art Deco design alongside the clean lines of Mod design.

That said, Hollywood Regency style doesn’t stick to clean lines like Mid-Century style. Instead, it combines clean lines with curves and asymmetrical design to create dramatic contrast. Mid-century mod furniture includes many natural elements and even wood surfaces while Hollywood Regency furniture does not.

How To Create A Hollywood Regency Style

There are many words you could use to describe the Hollywood Regency style, but if we had to choose one it would be “dramatic.”

Everything You Need To Know About Hollywood Regency Style

This style took place during Hollywood’s Golden Age and was influenced by Hollywood set design – designers wanted to add as much opulence to their sets as possible so that movie stars would be associated with -glitz and glamour. Essentially, if you see a piece of furniture and can picture Rita Hayworth or Ava Gardner, it’s Hollywood Regency style.

Black and white design is another signature element of Hollywood Regency decor that gives a nod to those old black and white movies.

Hollywood glam isn’t the only part of California culture that has influenced this style of interior design. You often see elements of California nature—like palm fronds and bold floral patterns—incorporated into this style.

Chinoiserie—including table lamps, vases, and artwork inspired by Chinese designs—is another common feature of the Hollywood Regency style, which by the early 20th century was inspired by the already dominant Chinese-American minority in Southern California.

How To Remodel In Hollywood Regency Style

Many interior designers played a role in popularizing Regency Modern. Their work provides a glimpse of how this style can come together.

Dorothy Draper, who opened America’s first interior design firm, is often credited with originating the Hollywood Regency style. She spent most of her career decorating hotels, and you can still see some of her early Hollywood Regency interiors at the Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia.

William Haynes was an actor turned interior designer, which is probably the most Hollywood Regency story. He decorated the homes of many of his famous A-list friends and consequently designed some of the most famous Hollywood Regency mansions, including Joan Crawford, Tallulah Bankhead, and Betsy Bloomingdale.

How To Create A Hollywood Regency Style

Modern day interior decorator Kelly Wearstler continues the tradition of styling boutique hotels in the Hollywood Regency style. You can see his work in the luxurious interiors of Maison 140 in Beverly Hills and Viceroy hotels around the world. However, his interpretation of this design aesthetic brings in mid-century style elements using natural wood tones and abstract modern art.

Hollywood Regency Living Room Ideas To Feel Like A Star

While the opulence of Hollywood glamor was once reserved for the rich and famous, it’s now accessible to everyone – even if you’re on a budget. Use these design ideas to bring a regency modern style to your home decor.

Popular color schemes for Hollywood Regency style include jewel tones (emerald, amethyst, or sapphire) and strong summer colors (hot pink or lime green). To avoid these bold color palettes, designers often focus on one color for each room. They’ll add a few pops of this color throughout the space, then fill in the rest of the decor with black and white surfaces, gold, glass and acrylic.

For example, you can add bright blue color to your room with a classy tufted accent chair, matching throw pillows, and an area rug with a monochromatic blue pattern.

We’ve already mentioned that black and white—a combination that’s all about contrast—is a big part of the Hollywood Regency style. But this design approach also creates a contrast with the juxtaposition of curved lines and clean, straight lines.

A Hollywood Regency Style Inspired Media Room

Imagine an elegant arcaded back sofa – like a silver frosted button tufted sofa – next to a side table in geometric chrome and white lacquer.

You won’t sacrifice comfort for this glamorous style. Creating a comfortable living space is a priority in Hollywood Regency design, with plush materials such as velvet upholstery, silk curtains, and fur throws taking center stage. Add these textures to your living room with a sapphire velvet sofa or faux fur ottoman.

Nothing says luxury like gold. Bring the most striking metal into your home decor with gold accented lighting fixtures, accessories and furniture.

How To Create A Hollywood Regency Style

Show off this finish in your dining room with a dark walnut and gold dining table. The geometric design will contrast beautifully with the arched-back velvet dining chairs, and the dark-colored top allows you to incorporate a natural wood finish without feeling out of place in the design. Your Hollywood Glam.

Before & After: Classy Hollywood Regency Living Room

Hollywood Regency style leans on clear and reflective surfaces to make spaces feel lighter, brighter and more open. Add this design feature to your home decor with a gallery wall that includes glamorous wall mirrors instead of photos, or hang a crystal light fixture to reflect more light around your room.

For your furniture, look for a glass top (like this round chocolate chrome coffee table), a lacquer finish (like this glossy white side table), or an acrylic frame Lucite (like this Chanel 2-tier acrylic cart with gold stripes). .

The right stylistic accents can pull your Hollywood Regency decor together. Once you’ve chosen your home furnishings, complete with signature Old Hollywood accent pieces. Gold sunbursts, feather centerpieces, pendant lamp shades, crystal floor lamps, and animal prints will add drama to your design.

Hollywood Regency decor came into style during Hollywood’s Golden Age, and never really left. If you want to add classy glamor to your space without sacrificing personal comfort, you’ll fall in love with Hollywood Regency style. This beauty continues because it allows us to be eclectic, express our personality, and decorate our spaces.

Hollywood Regency Living Room Ideas And Inspiration

So go ahead and embrace the glamor of Old Hollywood, find furniture that lets you be you, and never again ask yourself “is it too much?” Because with Hollywood Regency style, too much is never enough. Discover the glitz, glamour, and high-gloss charged appeal of Hollywood Regency style decor as we break down the essentials needed to master this look for a studied design look. Get tips from our interior designers for styles worth trying in your home.

But, first, let’s give it a proper introduction so you can understand a little more about the inspiration behind this luxurious and casually quirky style.

The beginning of the Hollywood Regency period coincides with the Golden Age of Hollywood (the iconic 1930s), but the style was also influenced by later mid-20th century trends.

How To Create A Hollywood Regency Style

Hollywood Regency interior design is a style inspired by the luxurious and opulent homes of actors and film directors, especially from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

What Is The Hollywood Glam Interior Design Style?

Characterized by bold colors, statement pieces, and a charming touch, it combines art deco and mid-century modern trends to create rooms that are full of personality, striving to make them one of a kind.

This style celebrates extravagant choices and colors, statement pieces, furniture in a variety of styles, glamorous touches of mirrors and reflective surfaces, and attention-grabbing patterns.

Unlike many interior styles that encourage you to maintain an element of balanced consistency, Hollywood Regency decor goes the other way: Each room can have a theme or theme.

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