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How To Create A Retro Style

How To Create A Retro Style – Can you believe I pulled this peach cardigan out of my mom’s old closet? 🤩 Why not take this old peach cardigan and put my own, retro but modern twist on it.

I liked the retro fashion, especially the retro fashion color from creams, peaches and yellows to neutrals such as brown, blue. I choose peach because it’s my favorite color! 🍑

How To Create A Retro Style

How To Create A Retro Style

✨First, let’s talk about these blue jeans shall we? These jeans just scream 70s style. The style of the 70s is usually fun and bright colors. A retro favorite with this bold jean shade. It’s like an old peach mom card 🤩

How To Create A Retro Style Typographic Poster Design

✨What can you say about the resources? The girl in me will never give up accessories! Complete your retro outfit with a bandana as a headband. I choose a peach bandana to match my peach card.

You can’t go wrong with heeled boots. Since the bottom of my jeans are loose, I can wear them with any kind of heeled boots. Choose boots with ankle heels if worn with loose jeans.

Sometimes, I want to experience what it’s like to live the retro life. All I can say is that the retro lifestyle can save money or buy secondhand more often. That’s why I went through my old mother’s closet looking for clothes to wear. Overall, I really enjoy the retro lifestyle 🥰1980s painting and design is back in style. The eighties brought us many tech-inspired trends and eighties excesses:

This tutorial will help you achieve the classic 80s neon painting style. So strap on your fanny pack, put on your favorite episode of Miami Vice, and let’s make eighties art!

How To Create A Retro Look 🧡

For this tutorial, you will need an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Procreate App and TransferTone | Dry transfer brushes for Procreate.

We’ll start with sketching, close with our basic shapes, use a 2D grid, explore transfertone brushes, and learn to paint with rubber! Let’s get started!

We researched dozens of patterns and quilts sold in the 1970s and 1980s to create 85 seamless pattern-based brushes.

How To Create A Retro Style

In this section, we go back to the 1980s and 1990s. Is it retro now? I’m old!

How To Create An 80’s Style Concert Poster Design In Photoshop

. As a teenager of the 80s early 90s, I thought it would be fun to draw some of the things that they had in their closet or in their purse back then.

Looking at the many formats offered by the TransferTone pack, I saw many patterns and textures reminiscent of SBTB and the cool decade of growth.

To start, create a new document in Procreate. I use the default screen size of 2,732 x 2,048px. Draw 5 – 6 objects to combine different shapes. For my drawing, I used the basic pencil brush provided by Procreate.

When creating an actual painting, the best way to reference your painting is to duplicate the layer and reduce the opacity.

How To Create The Perfect Retro Design Kitchen

To do that, go to your drawing layer and press N (this is normal). When the drop-down options appear, press Increase. You’ll notice that N is now M, so we know that the exponent is set to multiply.

Before closing the layer dropdown, decrease the opacity by moving the meter to the left to the desired visibility. Tap the layer name again to close the dropdown, then swipe left on the layer to select Lock. This will prevent us from drawing our drawing layer.

Create a new layer below your locked drawing layer and start blocking in your original position. When blocking in your design, keep in mind how many layers your painting will need.

How To Create A Retro Style

For example, let’s start with the sunglasses in my drawing. I like that the frames and lenses are separated so it’s easier when I start using different pattern brushes.

Retro Illustrations Pack

I will be using the Raman Brush pen brush from Standard Pens for Procrat because I like the natural grit and texture it gives. If you don’t have that package, the basic ink brush provided in the Upgrade app will work. It all depends on how crisp you want your drawings to look!

A carefully selected collection of ink pens. Perfect for line work in comics, sketches and cartoons. Includes vintage ink brushes, monoline pens, gradient pens, broken ink pens and more.

I’ll start with the frames first. Once you block in your shape, lock the shape pixels. This will allow us to easily repaint later and use texture brushes for other shapes we create without having to work out of shape.

To do that, tap the layer where you drew your first shape with two fingers and swipe right. If a faint checkerboard appears behind your map in the layer image, you know your pixels are locked.

What Is Retro Style Furniture?

Create a new layer below the frames and select the Heavy Dots Shader brush from the Transfertone shader pack to create the frames.

One thing to keep in mind when using shader brushes is that the closer you go to an area, the finer and heavier the detail will be.

For sharper text details, avoid picking up your Apple Pencil while drawing. Give your drawing a heavy feel, change the output, and create more strokes with your Apple Pencil.

How To Create A Retro Style

You can see from my example that I can get a different feel with the brush based on how many times I pick up the pencil as I draw.

Abstract Isometric Geometric Shapes Background In Retro Style. Complex Geo Composition Template To Create Modern Poster, Business Card Or Presentation 12673052 Vector Art At Vecteezy

I draw the frames first while trying not to hold my pencil. Then I help give the bottom part of the frame more dimension. Think of it as shading your graph to show value.

You can choose any brush you like, but I use the PS Dust Invert Brush from the Transfertone pack because I like the texture it gives the rubber. If you want your eyeliner to look sharp and flawless, you can choose a clean eyeliner brush.

Paint the glare with your eraser on the same layer as the lenses. This creates a “knockout” effect, allowing the lenses to be re-colored without using white.

As we did with our sunglasses frame, tap the lens layer and swipe right using two fingers to lock the pixels.

A Large Color Set Of Items To Create A Christmas And New Year Mood In Retro Style. Vector Illustrations Drawn By Hand. Drawings Of Christmas Accessories, Food, Comfort Items. Winter Theme On

Let’s use this method to create all the shapes in this drawing! But before we get to the math, let’s draw something else to show the benefits of using erasers for detail work.

Let’s draw a cassette tape. On a new layer, let’s draw a tape shape. I want the basic construction lines to be straight, so let’s use a grid!

Tap the Actions button (top left, looks like a screw). From the drop-down menu, next to Drawing Guide, move the slider to the right. A 2D grid should appear automatically. Otherwise, click the Layout Wizard and select 2D Grid from the Options panel below.

How To Create A Retro Style

Go to your layers and the layer where you will draw the tape, tap and select the drawing tool. It makes drawing straight lines easy! Note that the drawing tool is for straight lines only, it should not be checked to create curved or live lines.

Create An Authentic, Retro Style Advert

Use two fingers to swipe right on a layer to lock the layer’s pixels and select your eraser and fine brush to paint more details.

Draw the screws and the inner lines of the tape. These will deviate from the original shape we drew. You can see the black details (rock mix 1, cassette spindle and tape reel) I painted a new layer over the tape. The white details (screws, highlight lines, two central white blocks) are drawn with rubber on a layer of large tape.

For the tape layer, I’ll use my eraser and PS Speckles brush and PS Burlap brush. Experiment with brushes and find your favorite products!

Now that you’ve drawn and designed all your items, it’s time to paint! Here we will see the advantage of using our erasers to draw details and textures.

Create Retro Style Isometric Image Of 3 Holding Sony A7 Camera With Stickers And Bokeh Stock Illustration

To keep with the 80s/90s theme, I’m going to use bright, neon colors! Before you start painting, double check that all your shape/art layers are pixel locked.

I start by choosing my color from the color wheel. To do so I click on the colored circle at the top right of our toolbar. Once I’ve decided on a color, I touch and drag the color circle to the toolbar.

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