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How To Create A Rustic Look

How To Create A Rustic Look – We wanted a rustic, antique wooden bed frame for our farmhouse bedroom. In this tutorial, I take you along as we create a rustic looking wood DIY bed frame. This easy tutorial can be applied to any of your woodworking projects to create a rustic, weathered wood finish.

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How To Create A Rustic Look

How To Create A Rustic Look

Note: This tutorial is about how to create distressed wood. The original plans for building this bed frame can be found here.

How To Make Rustic Wood Beams

We wanted a unique, rustic look that we couldn’t find anywhere else. We were inspired by similar beds at Restoration Hardware, but that bed frame would cost about $6,000 after tax and shipping. Well, we will build it ourselves. We felt the same way about the farmhouse dining table we built.

Another big reason for us was the transition to a non-toxic lifestyle. That’s why we use a water-based stain here instead of an oil-based one. We decided that it doesn’t matter how much money we spend on a new bed: mattress, sheets, bed frame, etc. So we might as well buy the right one. Also, if we get a good quality mattress, good bed frame, etc., it should last 10 years or more, right? So the cost is amortized over that time and it’s worth it to us.

Use the wood stain first, then the second. We used this black wood stain and then a brown wood stain and both were water based. Wood stain is lighter in color and penetrates deeper than stain, which helps prevent scratches and wear on the wood.

We read in some manuals that some people recommended using a wood conditioner. We decided not to do this since you’re sanding most of it anyway. Also, given that this is a bed frame that will mostly be left untouched, we thought it would be fine without the air conditioning.

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Using a brush, gloves and a paint tray, apply the black stain. We used General Finishes Black Water Based Stain. We wanted to avoid oil stains to reduce the amount of toxins in our bedroom. Be sure to go with the grain of the wood, not against it.

Using an old shirt or a white cloth brush, scrub the black stain. Be sure to get into the corners and any spots that have excess stain. This makes it easier to sand the wood later. Again, go in the direction of the grain.

Sand the black wood with a hand sander. You want to press hard enough to remove most of the black paint. To achieve this, you may have to go back and forth in an area several times and change the sand pad often. Corners are obviously difficult to sand properly, so we mostly left them black. Here, you’re going for the overall look, not detailed perfection.

How To Create A Rustic Look

Now you need to turn the wood brown (you can also turn it white). We used General Finishers Light Brown Wood Texture Paint again.

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Wipe the wood again with a cloth or an old shirt so that there are no large patches of paint anywhere.

Finally, apply three coats of water-based polyurethane, allowing it to dry for about 2 hours between coats. This seals everything well and gives the wood a nice, finished look.

Sand the black wood with a hand sander. You want to press hard enough to remove most of the black paint. To achieve this, you may have to go back and forth in an area several times and change the sand pad often. Corners are obviously difficult to sand properly, so we mostly left them black. Here, you’re going for the overall look, not detailed perfection.

If you have done this project, I would greatly appreciate a 5 star review. And share your final product with me on Instagram! Use this distressed painting technique to make wood look old and dilapidated. All you need is a few different colors of paint and a dry brush.

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Hello! Welcome back! The guest room is one project closer to completion. I used this distressed painting technique to make a shelf above the bed. It was easy and has a big impact in this room.

Custom Cut Decor provided these rusty pieces of fun. If you like the country look, you’ll love this company. They carry lots of metal/tin signs, words, letters and even windmills that you see on HGTV’s Fixer Upper.

They were nice enough to let me pick some products in exchange for this post. All opinions, however, are 100% my own. I chose a symbol, a word and some letters. Today I’m focusing on letters.

How To Create A Rustic Look

Supply list. I have included some affiliate links for your convenience. You can read my full disclosure here.

How To Create A Rustic Paint Effect

The wooden sign I had was too big for the project, but otherwise perfect. It just had to be cut. Jeff used a jigsaw to cut it to the right size. This is what it looked like before.

It was very rude. The debris kept stinging me, so I sanded it down until it was pretty smooth. I didn’t want to get rid of all the rusticity. Just enough so we don’t get debris when moving it.

After sanding it was ready to paint. The old wood look with worn paint was the look I was trying to achieve. Dry brushing with four different colors helped me get the look.

I started with white paint. Dry brushing dips your brush and wipes off most of the paint on a paper towel. Apply lightly to the wood until you get the coverage you want. You can always add more, but it’s hard to take out.

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Since I used such a light amount, it was dry and ready to add another color right away. Then I added the gray and followed the same process. After gray came dark brown.

I liked it, but I decided that the rusty silver sheet needed some color to stand out. But I wanted a subtle look. I took Jeff’s favorite tea and added some. I have some brown accents and patina lamps in the room. So in the end, everything will merge.

I was so excited when I received my package of Custom Cut Decor. They give you a lot of choices when you order too. It’s so much fun!

How To Create A Rustic Look

First select the size you need. I chose 8″ letters, but they range from 6″ to 60″. So you can make a huge butt sign if you want.

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Then choose your hanger. Options are: no hanger, top holes drilled (this was my choice), sawn or exposed exposed hangers.

Finally, choose your rust level. i love it Options are speckled rust, partial rust (this is what i chose), full rust, little or no rust, or surprise me. LOL! I thought partial rust would be perfect and it was.

I then centered the letters and pre-drilled the holes. Then I attached them to the wood with screws. The end result made me very happy.

Check out the funny rust. I love the look of these letters. And this rustic farmhouse sign even looks great with my patterned pillow.

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What do you think? Very rustic? Or just right? I love it! If you like it, go ahead and pin it.

Well, as I mentioned earlier, we are now another project closer to finishing the living room. It’s a fun room to decorate and Custom Cut Decor was great. Be sure to stop by and check out their website!

What a great sign Michelle! When I first started blogging, I couldn’t understand what all the fuss about rust was about. But from then on I really came to appreciate the beauty and patina of rust in all its forms. I think as bloggers we learn something new every day and this is no exception. Great products.

How To Create A Rustic Look

I felt the same way about rust, but I also loved it. I definitely did not choose the full rusty version. I still love some. Thank you so much Mary!

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Good job, Michelle! Are you a natural signifier? I bet your guests will be thrilled with their room! Congratulations on a great project!

My God Michelle. I am in love with this!!! What a great idea! You have to make them and sell them. I know I will buy one. Just beautiful. I love Custom Cuts products!!!

Awww thanks Carolann! I love how it turned out and I’m also really in love with Custom Cuts products.

You surprised me how well you put it together. I did not expect that the sign would be on a stick. It’s pretty similar and I was very surprised to see it supported on beautiful

What Is Rustic Design?

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