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How To Decorate With Mirrors

How To Decorate With Mirrors – Mirrors are having a great time so we asked the experts how to incorporate these mirrors into your decor in fresh and fun ways.

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How To Decorate With Mirrors

How To Decorate With Mirrors

Mirrors can provide more than just reflection. Glass can instantly transform and enhance your home in ways you never imagined before when designed to fit your space. Whether you’re looking for a mirror to make a statement or hide a subtle detail behind you. There are a few factors to consider when incorporating mirrors into your design.

Important Tips For Decorating With Mirrors

“Mirrors are as important for function as they are for style,” says interior designer Justin Q. Williams of Trademark Design Company. “Perhaps to check yourself out before you leave the house or to create the illusion of more space in the room. Mirrors are a great way to decorate a space in any way you want, making it richer and more stylish.”

To help us understand how to use glass in your decor. We asked designers to decide what to consider when buying a mirror. How to Decorate a Mirror Share some of their favorite glass trends today—and you will, too.

Even if you’re looking to make a small room look bigger, create a focal point for the space. Or want to add something extra to enhance your design style? Designers recommend checking out thrift stores to find the perfect item. “When I buy a mirror, I like to buy vintage style mirrors,” says Tara Miller, owner of The Heartland Interior Design.

“Antique and vintage mirrors have a unique look. So you know this mirror will be unique to you and your space. (Your neighbor doesn’t have one!) Some of my favorite mirrors are large mirrors. Rounded glass panel mirror to add depth for a fun touch to stunning shots. And a mirror with a decorative frame to add pizzazz.

Ways To Decorate With Farmhouse Mirrors

Interior designer Delia Kenza advises buyers to consider quality. Although aesthetics may come first. “Quality is important so always choose the best you can afford,” says Kenza. “Good glass should be clear. No one likes to see themselves distorted. Quality glass is essential to prevent the corners from rusting in high humidity areas.

Consider making the mirror the focal point of the room. Many unique designs and shapes. The mirror became an unexpected statement. This is because people’s eyes are drawn to the mirror when they enter.

“Mirror has always been a versatile and powerful tool in a designer’s gimmick. Especially considering the different methods. It’s usable,” says Jean Liu, principal of Jean Liu Design. “When using [a] fireplace, choose a mirror that provides space to the left and right to layer artwork and objects. When using a mirror above a bathroom vanity we want to make sure the glass is framed in such a way that it relates to the style and size of the dressing table.

How To Decorate With Mirrors

Liu recommends considering the lighting and anticipating how the glass will interact. Even if you want the mirror to be big enough to work, but not so big that it casts shadows and darkens the room. Autdot Large Decorative Mirror For Wall Decor, 36

“Another way we like to use glass is to turn it into a small space. A little extra luxe is needed, like behind a wet bar,” Liu says. “The reflective quality of the glass in these cases creates a wonderful effect and feel.

However, Liu’s favorite way to decorate mirrors is to arrange them like sculptures. Mirrors can be used as art with interesting shapes and unusual decorations. “Mirrors are not just visual interest in any room like sculptures. But they can also act as windows if the space lacks natural light,” says Liu. “Consider hanging mirrors high enough to be part of the overall furniture project. But the ceiling height is high enough to ensure that it remains part of the plan.

“I like to look for good messages. This is what makes a simple square or circle. Things will happen and it’s a little shaky,” says Lindsay Davis of Blueberry Jones Design. If you’re going to create a focal point, you might as well make it fun.” Choose something curved or rounded to soften a dark space and add a flawless finishing touch.

Although mirrors can be found in bedrooms and bathrooms, but it can be combined with other rooms. Smooth with furniture “Don’t forget to use it in other areas of your home,” says Bethany Adams of Bethany Adams Interiors, “A mirror in the right position can throw light around. In addition to being useful and useful for making dark areas and small wide areas visible, the glass surface is also beautiful. Consider mirroring unexpected items like cabinets to make them more visible.

Mirror Wall Decor: Professional Tips To Elevate Your Space

Anything vintage will add character and charm to a space. The mirror is no exception. Antique mirrors may be just what you need to add a touch of authenticity to your home. From decorative frames to old mirrors. “Antique mirrors have an attractive look. They lived in the past. So they have a story to tell,” Miller said. “Antique mirrors instantly add character.”

“Mixed media glass is more artistic. And the glass itself can incorporate fiber art or metal sculptural elements,” says Miller, “For example, I used mixed media glass in my son’s daycare room. A mirror consists of a brass mirror fiber edge and I chose this mirror because it reflects light and is something fun for my son to stare at.” It doesn’t matter if the mirror is decorated with mosaic, border or tile. Mirrors can instantly become an eye-catching statement in your space.

“I love the idea of ​​a glass wall. Act as a way to bring the outside in, as it can expand the space or reflect the outside,” Kenza says, especially when adding glass to a kitchen or living room that connects it to the backyard.

How To Decorate With Mirrors

Don’t have the window you want in your bedroom? Using mirrors can make your space look bigger and brighter without the need for extra natural light. “I like to use it to create symmetry on a wall in a bedroom or to create the illusion of a window in a windowless space,” says Williams. “Mirrors are one of the easiest ways to lift a space and create drama.”

Decoupage Mirror Frame With A Pillowcase

Gallery walls have been popular for some time due to their warm appearance. The personal touch is an opportunity to mix different styles together and this also applies to glass. Instead of making the room stand out, you can opt for a more subtle decoration with several small mirrors. “Try using tables,” says Davis, “and often times, old is better than polished. But when used together they can expand a space and make a room feel more open without removing walls. The next time you’ve got a room that needs a nice look, try a fun mirror or glass wall to spice things up. Shake it!”

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