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How To Design A Art Deco Inspired Home

How To Design A Art Deco Inspired Home – Living rooms are the heart and soul of our homes. It’s hard to even begin to count the time we spend in these rooms. From intimate gatherings with friends to binge-watching Netflix on rainy weekends, it’s a room we associate with warmth and relaxation. It’s the place to kick off your shoes and grab those fuzzy socks your grandma gave you for your birthday. It’s an escape from reality where you can enjoy your latest book and a glass of wine after a long day.

A room full of warmth and relaxation does not mean that we have to sacrifice style for function. With so many decor trends out there, it can be difficult to narrow down the exact style or style you want to incorporate into your living room while still making sure the room serves its primary purpose.

How To Design A Art Deco Inspired Home

How To Design A Art Deco Inspired Home

One of our favorite design styles to incorporate into your home is the Art Deco look. It’s often categorized as a luxurious and elegant style, but what we love is the ability to incorporate even small elements of aesthetics to instantly elevate a room. Trust us – when we say small, we mean it. We’re not suggesting turning your living room into a room straight out of The Great Gatsby. But if that’s your mood, go for it!

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First, we do a quick refresher on Art Deco style and Art Deco furniture. If this sounds familiar, it’s because the style has dominated the design world in recent years. It first appeared in Paris in 1925, at the Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes. Fast forward nearly a century, and Art Deco remains a favorite among leading interior designers around the world. Like everything else in history, it was heavily influenced by its predecessor, the Art Nouveau movement of the late 1800s, known for its expressive, organic lines and fabrics derived from nature. But at the turn of the century, the style became increasingly outdated. The Art Deco movement was born, designed to embrace modernism and this new era.

Known for its use of geometric shapes, zigzags, and bold colors, Art Deco decor is elegant and eye-catching, even in small doses. The beauty of this style is that you can go all in and create a retro room straight out of the Roaring Twenties or add an Art Deco element or two and still achieve that glamorous look she’s after.

We’ve already explained how the Art Deco period was full of geometric shapes, but that doesn’t mean animal motifs weren’t also popular. Art Nouveau’s nature-based designs did not disappear; instead, they were reinvented and incorporated to create more modern designs. Today, nothing says glamor and luxury more than leopard print. We

Dare even say that the leopard print is neutral. If you’re drawn to minimalist styles, try a couple of pillows on the couch. If you’re a maximalist, why not make a statement with a sophisticated animal print rug? We also love these leopard print chairs!

Home Tour: An Art Deco Inspired Home With Tropical Accents

Not a fan of animal prints? Another bold pattern that speaks to the opulence of the Art Deco look is the stripe. It’s a repeating geometric pattern, but it feels more manageable than other patterns from this era. We love the simple yet decadent look of an entire room covered in stripes. Pro tip: Whether you rent or don’t want to take the leap of faith that comes with permanent changes, throw in some scale and wallpaper. No previous DIY experience is necessary.

Half or full golden sun shapes appeared on buildings, rooms and even on top of elevators. Today, two of the most common decorative elements with sun rays are prints and mirrors. You’ve probably seen large beams with a small circular mirror but seem to stretch forever? Rather than a functional mirror, it is more of a home decor detail and a design staple for many who want to draw from Art Deco design. For maximum glam, layer a sunshade over your mantle with two decorative embellishments.

If you’ve ever strolled through Miami’s Art Deco Historic District, you know how popular pastel colors were in the 1920s and 1930s. Choosing a pastel color palette is an easy way to bring an Art Deco look to your living room. If you really want to go all out, you can match your velvet-covered sofa to your wall color. while you

How To Design A Art Deco Inspired Home

Let’s get tired of hearing it, just look at how spectacular this pink velvet sofa looks against the matching walls. We are already dreaming about how we can incorporate this design tip into our homes!

Bathroom Design: Art Deco Inspired Bathroom With 1920s Style Panelling

Geometric patterns come in all shapes and sizes, so even our trusted modernists can get behind this design element. You don’t have to repaint your floors or bring in bold artwork to try this. Simply go for a piece of furniture that uses geometric shapes, such as chevrons or repeating rectangles. We especially love this geometrically inspired wardrobe.

While we’re on the subject of cabinets…we love using this traditional dining room piece in the living room. Not only are they great for displaying all the coffee table books you’ve tirelessly collected over the years (thanks forever and always to flea markets for their exceptional book options!), they can also hide unsightly clutter. We’ve seen baby toys, blankets and even our biggest sweaters that won’t fit anywhere else.

At the turn of the 20th century, decorative artists believed that the new century would not only reflect modernism, but also include the materials of this new era. Luxurious materials such as exotic woods and metals were incorporated into the furniture. Today, these materials don’t make the same statement of modernity, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help you create a sophisticated living room. Place a brass table in the center of your seating area, with a matching magnifying lamp to the right of your sofa. You can also achieve matching styles throughout the room by replacing the knobs on your side tables or adding a console table with brass legs in the entryway to the room.

Unusual lighting was not alien to the world of design, but in the 20th century. During the 20th century, Art Deco lighting made a big splash. Highly decorative and eclectic chandeliers were the epitome of glam at this time. Today, many popular lighting styles are influenced by this period, such as light bulbs with glass panels, faceted and fan-shaped lamps, and large cascade fixtures. You might think that large chandeliers are only reserved for skyscrapers or luxury hotels in New York or Los Angeles. We’re here to tell you they’re not! An Art Deco-inspired chandelier could be just what you didn’t know was missing in your living room.

Art Deco Design For Ikea: 5 Ways To Get The Look

If you’re still unsure about the Art Deco aesthetic, a simple, low-key way to try it out is with a sculpture. And luckily, living rooms have plenty of space to place your new sculpture. Don’t have a green thumb? Place a sculpture where your less-than-blooming orchid once lived. Do you have bookshelves or even better, built-in ones? There are always spaces between or on top of the books.

Nothing says Art Deco luxury like an entire wall of mirrors. This style can be applied to any room in your home from your living room to your closet. Be sure to show geometric patterns in mirrors.

Art is an easy way to add your personal touch to any living room design. It can bring the room together and unlike some furnishing items, it doesn’t require a major design overhaul. For all you mid-century modern lovers out there, try drawing an art deco poster to create your own version of modern art.

How To Design A Art Deco Inspired Home

These elegant fabrics, animal prints and simple shapes will make your living room feel elegant and classy, ​​no matter your level of commitment.

Art Deco Interior Design — Art Deco Style

The Inside is a home furnishing brand that believes in the joy of decorating. That’s why we make furniture fun, with access to more designs for more value. See us as your shortcut to a stylish home for every style and budget. Symmetry and luxury, aluminum and silver, soft colors and ivory… It’s all about art deco. If you’ve read F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and seen Baz Luhrmann’s performance, you know what we mean. If you’ve always dreamed of going to Gatsby’s parties, this article will help you bring the Roaring Twenties vibe into your home design.

It is short for “art deco” or literally “decorative art” in French. The style originated in France and quickly spread to Western Europe and the United States. The trend was formed in response to the austerity and austerity of the First World War, which appeared in architecture, sculpture, interior design, clothing, furniture and paintings.

The style was officially revealed at

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