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How To Design A Moroccan Inspired Home

How To Design A Moroccan Inspired Home – As mentioned in my Design Plans + Progress Post last month, we went way over our renovation timeline/budget at Hacienda Hideaway, so I opted for a quick and inexpensive facelift for this room. This meant minimal DIY and bargain hunting – while still making the room feel like a luxury retreat.

It also lacks personality and architectural detail, so I had to get creative to find simple, quick and affordable ways to make it stand out. This is how it looks today!

How To Design A Moroccan Inspired Home

How To Design A Moroccan Inspired Home

The biggest update in this space is to replace the old metal exterior door with glass to let in natural light. I partnered with Simpson Door Company and chose their Black Walnut 7501 Thermal Sashin. They can customize the size to fit our non-standard opening, and the difference really is night and day.

Vibrant, Bold And Bright Moroccan Wall Decor

The other big change was squaring off the octagonal ceiling of the tray and adding wooden beams to do it yourself. Lucas built it in a few days for about $300 in materials. Talk about bang for your buck!

We also gave all the interior contractor quality doors the DIY table makeover, which really elevated the look.

New baseboard and door trim were installed, along with a new coat of alabaster paint and contrasting trim.

This large carved wood room divider makes the perfect headboard and piece for a Moroccan-inspired room (I bought it for $290 at Walmart, this morning it was $333 on Amazon and you can also find it for $380 on Wayfair).

Exquisite Moroccan Dining Room Designs

I also found these braided pendants for a steal on Etsy – handmade in Morocco and $60 shipped for both when I picked them up on sale!

The $99 reclaimed wood stools (stained black) were another great find on Amazon, but unfortunately they are currently unavailable. Here is a similar option for custom handmade stools at a very reasonable price.

The vintage-inspired lollipop rug was originally intended for the living room, but I think the peach and inky tones would work well in this space. It’s available on Amazon and Amber Interiors, but it’s currently on sale for 70% off here.

How To Design A Moroccan Inspired Home

I teamed up with The Company Store to make the bed feel extra luxurious with linen sheets, a duvet cover and a quilt blanket.

A Moroccan Inspired Home Designed To Feel Like A Vacation In San Diego

Not too shabby for a quick facelift, right?? You can still have a big impact on a small budget (especially in bedrooms!) We came to less than $3k for this renovation, not including some sponsored items like the exterior door, hardware and beds. Our biggest purchase was a memory foam mattress, which is still worth the investment.

Next week we start another new project – this time it’s at our house! Any guesses? 😉 Follow my Instagram stories to find out!

Hi, I’m Jenna and I’ve been designing and DIYing my way through homes since 2008. Join me as I learn, share my experience, and hopefully encourage/inspire you along the way!

Be the first to know about new projects and updates with a weekly roundup delivered straight to your inbox. If you are looking to bring an exotic and elegant feel to your home, you should think about the mysterious and elegant pieces found in Moroccan fashion design. From vibrant colors to elaborate wood products and mosaics, this luxurious, dramatic and exciting fashion has changed to become more and more common in fashion houses.

Moroccan Style Interior Design

Located between Europe and the continent, Morocco can be a country of confusion, influenced by the different cultures that surround it. Galaxy Art Deco, which has its roots very much in the place, has incorporated the design points of the Moroccan style products available in our online store.

The Moroccan environment serves as a cross between East and West, North and South, combining designs from France, Portugal and the European country to the northwest, with strong Mediterranean, African, Persian and Muslim influences. to the south and east. This leads to the romance and sacred fashion specific to Morocco.

The sultry African sun makes Moroccans bring the outdoors wherever they enjoy Associate in Nursing an exotic oasis galvanized by the landscape that surrounds them, in cool comfort. Vibrant colors mixed with a specially decorated piece of furniture and accessories, potted plants and soft lighting to achieve the right indoor oasis.

How To Design A Moroccan Inspired Home

From the glittering shores of Namal and Tangier to the snake charms and spices in the air of Marrakech’s bazaars, inspiration is to be found, whether you’re looking for just a little exotic style or a complete makeover.

Transform Your Home Into A Moroccan Oasis With Style Hacks

The color is that the concentration of Morocco to decorate. Inspired by the landscape of Morocco, in search of a blue and unexplored reminder of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, the shimmering gold and silver recall the sands of the Sahara desert, creating reds and oranges that evoke images of African sunsets. Therefore, the design of the Moroccan style is strongly influenced by a large panorama of colors.

The interior areas are occupied with models, but simple in the article of furniture. The couches and tables are inviting and placed low to the bottom. Moroccan furniture believes in intricate iron flight, mother-of-pearl inlay, carved wood decorated with sculptural reliefs, richly hued tapestry and intricate mosaic or ceramic details.

Galaxy Art Deco has an extensive collection of Moroccan-style hand-made bone inlay, mother-of-pearl inlay, white metal and traditional furniture designs.

Colorful fabrics made with Byzantine textures and styles typical of Moroccan design. Add lots of pillows and cushions, and drape luxurious materials from the furniture, window frames, and even the ceiling. Tie the fabric wrapped with serious cords in high traffic areas to keep out of reach and pass the extra area and inter-rubber fashion.

Our Best Design Tips For A Moroccan Style Home

Lighting is a very important part of Moroccan design. Moroccan lighting focuses on dim lighting created by lamps and pendants composed of colored glass, cut metal and carved wood. Erotic candles in antique lamps can add the romantic part of a light movement to your decor and exotic scents. Galaxy Art Deco serves as the best platform to find well-designed Moroccan lamps and beautifully handcrafted hanging lanterns or to go for a custom design.

Dark wood floors are covered with luxurious GAD rugs and piled floor cushions to create the right foundation for a Moroccan Vogue area. Ceramic tiles are commonly used for flooring and offer an abundant welcome of coolness in the weather conditions. A beautiful velvet rug or rug from the GAD collection will help you achieve the look with minimal effort.

Mirrors enhance the ambiance of a Moroccan interior with the weight of subtle light reflecting and adding decorations to the walls. Look for designer mirrors with ornamental design work, carved wood in the background, onion dome shaped frames, and metal or jewel gilding. The house decor very decorated in rich colors only complements the Moroccan style of the interior. Galaxy Art Deco has created a brass design inspired by Moroccan style and designer mirrors to match the Moroccan atmosphere just right.

How To Design A Moroccan Inspired Home

Exotic plants, such as banana or papyrus trees, placed in pots or massive and colorful baskets, allow you to create a feeling of an exotic oasis during the Moroccan Vogue home. Look at the exotic GAD planters that can help you create the refined interior of Morocco.

Traditional Interior Design Of Moroccan Living Room At A Berber Home. High Atlas Mountains, Morocco Stock Photo

The transparent silk in a rich shade, placed on the sitting or feeding areas or dipterone mesh on the beds, adds a little mystery, similar to desert bazaar tents. Just add manure to dominate the look in exotic hues.

The right scents instantly connect the mind to Moroccan bazaars and can give your new Moroccan style the right finishing touch. Choose candles, incense or diffusers with fragrances made with spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, saffron or any exotic spices. Choose beautifully designed Galaxy Art Deco chandeliers and T-light holders in the traditional avatar, specially designed to create a Moroccan atmosphere.

Some changes in the design of the house can lead to significant changes in the appearance of the interior. Moroccan style is about choosing the right bang for your buck on a combination of shades and traditional home decor with an exotic element and luxury furniture. If you are a Moroccan designer, you are in the best online market with production units to become the most sensual Moroccan style partner in GAD.

Moroccan lamps, hanging lanterns, designer mirrors, chandeliers, carpets and rugs, luxury home decor, exotic home decor, t-lite stands, planters, Moroccan lighting, Moroccan style furniture Moroccan architecture and design reflects the diversity, culture and history of the country through geometry and detail. Influenced by many religions and cultures, this style looks good in both traditional and modern homes. In addition, it is luxurious, exotic and rich, and has bold shapes and colors that make it one of the most popular choices of many interior designers.

Creating A Bohemian Inspired Home With Beni Ourain Rugs

With its ornate window frames, arches, domes, decorative tile work, high ceilings, mosaics and carved wood, Moroccan architecture is perhaps one of the most unique and beautiful. The rich colors, fabrics and patterns, as well as the interior design of Moroccan homes evoke a sense of romance, sensuality, luxury and wonder.

Some of the most common Moroccan style decorations include vibrant patterns and prints, poufs, coffee tables and cushions. Mix and match some of the most vibrant colors like lavender, blue, green, turquoise, purple, orange, gold and red to achieve an exotic vibe. Choose the best details for creation

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