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How To Design A Southwestern Inspired Home

How To Design A Southwestern Inspired Home – I hope you’re having fun today because I’m ridiculously excited about this post. taking these photos filled my design and decor loving heart with so much joy, and that’s mostly because this space was expertly decorated. from one of my favorite people on the planet and the person who started my love for home design and decor, my beautiful mom. I’ve been wanting to photograph my parent’s home here in Arizona for a long time because it’s such a unique space, so lovingly created and feels so real in a quiet, scenic corner of Phoenix where it’s (hills from… Fountain Hills. Check it out what did I do there? And as luck would have it, my parents are saying goodbye to this Southwestern gem and moving into daily hugs and farting from their beloved grandkids (and of course my sister and I… but let’s be honest, mostly the grandkids ): ), which means: two things. I had to move fast if I wanted to finally get photos of this beauty

That some lucky family makes it to this mountainside retreat and lives the life all my desert dreams are made of. So today we’re giving this space the festive send-off it so deserves.

How To Design A Southwestern Inspired Home

How To Design A Southwestern Inspired Home

As you all know, Southwestern home decor and style is a far cry from our home decor and design style in our own home here in our corner of Phoenix in many ways, but I love and appreciate the style so much. exudes a cosy, warm, rustic, casual, lived-in vibe while using color, pattern and texture in the most interesting, exciting ways. To be honest, the style didn’t always resonate with me, but at some point something changed in me, and I fell head over heels, recovered for the warm, comfortable, calm, quiet environment that my mother created in this house, and now i just can’t get enough I always tell Chris that our next house (in my dreams of course) might look a little like this. If I’m being completely honest, I think my appreciation for what’s going on in this space is partly due to the fact that over the past year I’ve felt a little inspired by seeing basically the same space over and over again. On Pinterest and An Instagram. with little variation and what is so little personality or character. And I’m just as much to blame in our house as anyone else, so I really only have myself to blame. Send help!

Stunning & Bold Southwestern Home Design In Santa Fe

It’s because of these feelings that I’m doubly excited to feature a home here on the blog that’s so different from what you’re used to seeing from us, and I hope you’re also pumped for a little change of pace and inspiration. As I photographed them and captured some of the details of the house that I really love, it also occurred to me that this style is quite foreign territory for me. As before, I had no idea that the actual architectural style of the house was known as “Territorial” until my mother so lovingly brought it up to me. As you know, I have zero professional design credentials and am constantly learning and absorbing new things from people far smarter, more creative, more experienced, and generally more talented than me; I’m just a design professional.

And I’m totally fine with that name because I really have a lot of love and passion for it. Every bit of it! That said, I thought it would be a lot more fun and valuable for you in this one if the person who actually poured their heart and soul into decorating the space told us all about it, rather than a neophyte like me saying a thousand words. about how much I just am

One of the things that struck me when I was taking these photos at home, and something that started our conversation, is how things feel ahead of trends. They bought this house 13 years ago, before Pinterest and the like, and now the Southwestern style is bona fide.

Easy on Pinterest and Instagram with an affordable big box store that stocks many of the things you see here. Also, the style of this house is so drastically different from Michigan homes or homes that have been decorated in the past, which also made me wonder where she got her inspiration or education for a style that is so drastically different from what she is. acquaintance . So many questions…so little time.

Inside This Masterpiece Of Modern Southwestern Design

He described that when they were looking for a home somewhere in the general area of ​​Phoenix, he was drawn to the traditional Territorial style, which really felt like classic Arizona, Phoenix, and the American West in general, which he remembers so fondly from his visits with him. . parents when he was young. He remembers walking around Old Town Scottsdale with his family and it felt so authentically western, with the cowboys walking up and down the street and the strong Native American and Mexican influences in the neighborhood. So he wanted their home here to feel like the traditional Area ranches he remembers seeing around Phoenix when he was young, mixed with comfort and his own brand of rustic Southwestern chic. He also laughed a little and said he recognizes that native Arizonans might look at a Territorial-style home the way a northern Michigan native might look at a log cabin: too literal, too close-knit. But he really wanted the house to have a sense of place. Fully capturing the spirit of what it feels like is what makes Arizona such a special place.

When they found this house, it was almost finished, and the builder and his wife took great care to include a thousand unique design details that were authentic to a traditional Territorial style house, many of which you can see throughout the photos. My mom noticed that the builder and his wife had a house in Mexico and brought some of the crazy design elements you see in the photos, like those really nice rustic wood bathrooms, the kitchen island, the bar, the big light. fixtures and more from Mexico to incorporate into the home, which she believes makes it unique.

And can we talk about all the exposed wood columns, beams and ceilings for a second? They are one of my favorite things about this style of home and one of the reasons why these homes feel so warm and cozy. My mom noticed that this is a pretty defining design element of a regional style home that is probably more common in Tucson than here in Phoenix (raise your hand if you love Tucson homes as much as I do. So much charm). , and something that drew him even more to this mansion. The beams are called “viga” and the thin ceiling tiles you see in one of the pictures are called “latillas”. Another defining area style feature included in this home that I just can’t get enough of. The indoor and outdoor kiva fireplaces that give almost every space in the house, whether indoors or out, an extra dose of desert coziness were and remain another traditional Area style element that sold him on this home. As can your guests

How To Design A Southwestern Inspired Home

As I mentioned, I wanted to know where my mom got her inspiration and education in the pre-Pinterest era for a style that was so drastically different from what she was used to. The mystery of everything.

Not Our First Rodeo

When I asked what she especially loves about Southwestern decor, she said it’s the combination of warmth and character. Bright colors like blue and orange and the ability to combine bold Talavera tile with rustic wood and decorative colors like lace, all in a completely natural way. It was as if everything should be there, or would be, if this house was one of those old Arizona ranches he loved so much. Blending everyday and luxury at the same time for a combination with character that looks so inviting.

He said he then drew inspiration from magazines and design books to educate himself on the history and development of both architectural and decorative styles, as well as all the design and decorative elements that define them. She said she learned a lot in that time about tile, textiles, functional elements, traditional colors and more, and used that to inform her choices and build the dream home in her mind. He also noted that he was able to use all the unique, one-of-a-kind design elements that the builder and his wife had already incorporated for inspiration.

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