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How To Design A Tropical Home

How To Design A Tropical Home – The bedrooms and living areas of this terraced house in Vietnam’s Cần Giuộc district are open to offer views of the pool that wraps around the building.

Um House is located in the countryside of Long An Province, about a 45-minute drive from the owner’s main residence in Ho Chi Minh City.

How To Design A Tropical Home

How To Design A Tropical Home

The property was designed by three young architects who currently run their own independent studios: Nguyen Huu Duy of Am Design Office, Nguyen Duy of Time Architects and Bui The Long of Creative Architects.

Screen House: Harmonizing Contemporary Design And Tropical Climate

They set out to build a house in a green environment on a 3,500 square meter plot for a marketing manager at a large company who wanted a peaceful second home.

The house has a sloping roof and a pool with natural elements that reference the greenery and the nearby lake.

There is a large, open-plan living area with concrete walls used to create more private areas including two bedrooms, maid’s quarters, kitchen and study areas.

“The building was designed with five individual blocks arranged randomly under a large thatched roof and next to the lake,” the architects said. he explained.

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“The use of partition blocks creates different views inside and outside the building. It also provides natural ventilation and natural daylight to each space.”

The main living area consists of a lounge and dining area lined with folding glass doors that can be opened to connect the interior with the outdoors.

The pool extends just outside the living quarters at the corner of the building and features a sheltered outdoor terrace connected to the lounge by a set of stone steps.

How To Design A Tropical Home

The lower part of the roof is covered with a wooden box system that matches the color of the concrete walls.

Tropical Design Solutions For Your Home

The walls were built using rough boards that left the impression of wood texture on the surfaces. The polished concrete floor also matches the home’s soft and textured material palette.

“The similarity of color and texture of all elements in the house creates a calm and peaceful space that harmonizes with the surrounding landscape,” the architects added.

In addition to the large windows in the living area, a slot at the edge of the roof that pierces the roof brings daylight deeply into the plan.

The house was built with a focus on natural light, ventilation and cooling to help make it environmentally friendly. Including the pool helps cool the air entering the building.

Contemporary Tropical House Architecture A 3d Illustrated Design Concept For A Modern Landscape Background, Patio, Exterior Design, Modern House Background Image And Wallpaper For Free Download

A series of new projects in Vietnam combine exteriors and interiors, including a house clad in perforated ceramic bricks and a townhouse with a living area that opens to the outdoors. A two-height living room stands in the middle. From this brutalist house completed in Bali, Indonesia by architect studio Patisandika and designer Don Mitchell.

Named after the wild tropical house in Bali, the 512 square meter house is located in a small valley in the rice fields on the south coast of the island.

It features exaggerated structural plates running horizontally from its exterior, designed by Patis Sandika and Mitchell to shade the living room, which is faced with double-height glass.

How To Design A Tropical Home

“A must-have is a double-height living room with full-height glass that lets in lots of natural light as well as dramatic tropical views and blue sky views,” Mitchell said. said Mitchell.

Tropical House Design Rendering

“The challenge with this was the climate; heat on glass and direct sunlight are not always the best idea. When we stopped using air conditioning for energy saving reasons, we found a solution that would block the sun and prevent overheating. More sloping sheets were used.”

The double-height living room forms the heart of the home, connected by dividing surfaces that Patisandika and Mitchell modeled on the Cope Residence, a geometric living-in home designed by modernist architect Ray Cope in Los Angeles.

Mitchell added: “Recopy is a big inspiration for us. It gives a completely different sense of space and feel, spaces that you can’t see through walls in a traditional home.”

In the living area, this multi-level layout is used to display records, books and a stereo system, while also leading to an open-plan kitchen and dining area.

Pd House Launches New “asian Tropical” Home Designs

The kitchen-dining area was designed without walls to connect directly to the outdoors to promote natural ventilation and create a feeling of “tropical outdoor living” throughout the house.

A wild tropical house in Bali also includes a music studio, two bathrooms and an outdoor shower, as well as three bedrooms connected by a bridge over the living room.

Characterized by exposed concrete and wood details, the home’s interior serves as a “blank canvas” for the combination of textured, colorful objects and furnishings that fill the space—courtesy of Clifford Steele, Ellsworth Kelly, and Carrès also inspired by the Bauhaus movement.

How To Design A Tropical Home

There are various plants next to the furniture, including a tree planted on the living room floor.

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The plants are intended to brighten the interior landscape, with the exterior kept “green, tropical and wild” in the hopes that it will “soften the concrete” and eventually beautify the home.

A wild tropical home in Bali is complete with solar panels on its roof and a rainwater harvesting system to help improve environmental performance.

BP Arquitectura also recently completed a concrete house in Córdoba, consisting of a large concrete structure shading a shingle patio on the upper level and open spaces at ground level. It’s all about loving nature within the confines of our homes.

And in light of years spent indoors due to COVID-19, who wouldn’t want to dive into a private sanctuary inspired by the island’s lush homes? With its tropical design style, you will be able to embrace the warmth that summer can bring and add a homely feel to your home without straining your budget.

A Tropical Home Melds Florida Style & Island Ease

Tropical style is all about comfort and convenience. As the name suggests, it is about bringing the outside in. Think dark green and flamingo pink. Wicker furniture, warm lighting and a relaxing atmosphere that reminds you of the sea, sky and forest. It is a style characterized by warm and relaxing colors, mostly obtained from natural elements such as the sea, sky and plants.

A design style that takes its cues from the natural world, tropical design focuses on comfort, relaxation and residential-like luxury. Originally dating back to the 1800s, this theme evolved from the English Colonial style, where whimsical discoveries filled homes with exotic decor, tropical plants, and tropical motifs.

Today, we see the style evolving again, merging well with both maximalist and minimalist design approaches.

How To Design A Tropical Home

Bringing the outdoors together with a tropical interior not only adds color to the prints and greenery, but also adds plenty of texture, natural materials, and light to the outdoor space. The feeling of comfort and relaxation comes from capturing the tropical atmosphere and atmosphere.

Am House Is A Vietnamese Holiday Home Surrounded By Tropical Gardens

Check out our tips to help you experience tropical bliss through design now! 1. Choose bold, tropical-inspired prints

A good place to start is to introduce tropical motifs to bring out the summer or green vibe you want. Statement walls with forest or foliage patterns can definitely work. You can use a variety of popular patterns such as vibrant flowers, pineapples, mangoes and palm trees. Besides creating a summer vibe in your space, it can also add a sense of drama to help you capture heaven in your bedroom or living room.

Choose a bold pattern with dense, dark green foliage that truly invites the tropics into your home. Alternatively, if you want a more minimal look, try something lighter with muted tones and more negative space. It’s completely up to you! If you’re opting for a colorful pattern, remember that it’s best to stick it on a wall so it doesn’t distract from your space.

If you don’t want to have a flashy wall, opt for a tropical wall hanging instead. Carpets, fabrics, rugs, carpets; Even a large scarf hung on the wall can be used for healing.

Tropical Wooden Modern Home Villa And Resort Designs By Balemaker Prefabrication Wooden House Builder And Resorts Design

Pro tip: If you’re looking for a more “throwback” approach to tropical design, add a twist to your decor by swapping out your old cushions for new tropical ones. Of course, the classic green palm tree is a popular choice to brighten up your room. Bright leafy green patterned cushions will refresh your comfortable sofa.

Not only do they help us connect with nature, but adding some plants and foliage to your home is a simple and budget-friendly way to create a tropical interior design.

Plant leafy plants such as palm trees to create a lush indoor forest. These large plants are perfect for filling the nooks and crannies of your living space. While exotic plants such as bird of paradise and live anthuriums brighten up your space. For a more elegant option, soft white flowers such as peace lilies can also be used.

How To Design A Tropical Home

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