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How To Design A Victorian Inspired Home

How To Design A Victorian Inspired Home – Victorian houses reflect architectural styles popular during the reign of Queen Victoria. Older styles, such as Medieval Gothic or Romanesque, are the inspiration for the details we associate with Victorian style today.

Through this article, you will learn how the Victorian style was created, what are its characteristics and how it is valued in today’s homes.

How To Design A Victorian Inspired Home

How To Design A Victorian Inspired Home

. In particular, this term comes from the period in the history of Great Britain between 1837 and 1901 when Queen Victoria ruled.

Timeless Modern Victorian Living Room Design Ideas

The Queen is known for her luxurious taste in interior design and architecture. Her love for eclectic and decorative designs caught her attention.

Influenced by Queen Victoria’s aesthetic taste, the wealthy upper class initially followed her style to show off their family wealth.

As a result of the Industrial Revolution, the middle class was also able to purchase and enjoy goods previously unavailable to them. For example, Chintzware, flower patterns, carved vases, embroidered curtains, embroidered carpets.

Since then, Victorian houses have captured hearts for over 200 years. But there is more to this style than meets the eye.

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The Victorian style is loved for its majestic and luxurious appearance. It attracts adoration, especially from those who appreciate British culture.

Because the Victorian style is so rich in history, homeowners find comfort in nostalgia. The presence of classic items reminds them of the Victorian era.

With their decorative details and elegant presentation, Victorian homes have stood the test of time. Over the centuries, the style has remained very desirable.

How To Design A Victorian Inspired Home

Is Victoria your style? Don’t worry, take the quiz to find out which style suits you.

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In classic Victorian homes, the walls were usually covered with vibrant floral wallpaper to achieve an elegant aesthetic. Wallpaper with such designs covered almost every wall. Because in the 1840s, companies began to mass produce wallpaper.

Gold-brown and reddish-brown wallpaper prints were popular in the 1900s. In modern homes, velvet tufts and wood trim are used to replace wallpaper prints. They serve to add texture to the walls, achieving a Victorian aesthetic.

In the early Victorian era, prints were common and took the form of intricate flowers. Later they evolved into paisley, bird and leaf patterns. A distinctive feature of these models is the constant spacing and constant repetition of the design.

Today’s Victorian home designers take a subtle approach. Pictures and patterns are used in selected areas of the house, such as the dining room or the bedroom.

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Mood lighting in hallways and dining rooms is an important feature in the Victorian style. They not only serve to illuminate the space but also give a spacious feeling.

Most of the lighting came in the form of sconces, chandeliers and the iconic Tiffany lamp. This lamp is made of a glass bulb.

Louis Comfort Tiffany, a decorative designer, is best known for his work on stained glass during the Victorian era. Therefore, the so-called Tiffany lamp created an ideal Victorian atmosphere in the house.

How To Design A Victorian Inspired Home

The windows are usually covered with curtains made of velvet and rich and heavy fabrics. Decorative curtains are a luxurious look in homes. Therefore, curtains were the preferred window treatment.

Bring The Elegance Home: 15 Victorian Decor Ideas To Transform Your Space

What sets the Victorian style apart from other vintage styles is the use of fabrics in furniture, accessories, and window treatments.

A variety of fabrics were used. Most were heavy, thick and durable. Sofas and chairs were covered with rich fabrics, and the windows were lined with velvet and brocade.

Today’s Victorian interiors typically feature fringed or beaded designs accented with ornate cushions and furniture. Unique woven rugs are also used to add charm and are a great talking point.

The furniture is made of oak, mahogany or walnut. Wood was the material of choice because it was an ideal canvas for unique and intricate handmade designs.

Victorian Style Interior Design Tips For Your Home

Designers today are creating these pieces with modern plush chairs with a button effect and polished wooden dining tables. The intricate wood carvings are still present as they are the signature of Victorian furniture.

Because it is a showpiece style, the colors of Victorian design are rich and deep without being oversaturated. The use of such colors gives the house a sense of comfort.

Individual elements are not distinct. Instead, a variety of rich colors work together to create a Victorian space.

How To Design A Victorian Inspired Home

Excessive use of accessories and decoration was common in Victorian homes of the era. It was a way for the owners to show their wealth in their homes.

The Househunter: A Long And Narrow Victorian Terrace

The owners of the house decorated their walls with frames and filled them with places, sculptures and hand-painted flower vases. Carved mirrors and ornate lamps line the corridors, along with elegant dressers and mantelpieces.

For a cozy Victorian touch, aim for light colored walls along with deep colored furniture. Tie the look together with an intricately patterned rug.

Since accessories play an important role in Victorian decoration, the walls can be generously decorated with artwork or add vintage-inspired sculptures.

If bright colors aren’t your style, try bold, royal-inspired colors like deep blue. Use them for selected walls in the living room. Decorate these walls with contrasting colored wooden frames for a stylish look.

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Carved furniture such as coffee tables and lounge stools can add a decorative touch and charm to the overall look.

A common way to introduce Victorian into the kitchen is through decorative lighting. Crystal chandeliers are an attractive choice because they are representative of the lighting used in the Victorian era.

Another feature is the handmade wooden cabinets. They go well with the brass finished cabinet handles and tiles for a vintage feel.

How To Design A Victorian Inspired Home

Complement the handmade cabinets with wooden dining table furniture in the kitchen, which has an adjoining dining area. Table chairs with curved legs and woven fabrics convey a sense of royalty.

Classic Victorian Style.

Choose decorative headboards made of plush materials such as velvet or brocade. An intricately detailed panel topped with two curved wooden side tables sets the stage for elegance and charm.

Add mood lighting through the walls in baroque-inspired shapes. These wall mounted lamps can be used as ambient accents to highlight the walls.

Create warmth and coziness by using woven fabrics as window treatments. More samples are better. You can choose floral prints or damask fabrics.

As an alternative to wood, metal in a rich golden color adds striking elegance to a luxurious feel.

Why Are Victorian Interiors So Unappealing?

Today’s Victorian houses have modernized elements. Victorian style is elegantly infused with modern practicality, without losing the Victorian feel.

A single color scheme can be used when decorating a room. This creates a sense of unity that brings every element in this space.

Various decorative chairs can be included. Designers do not worry that there will be too many elements in the room. Even better in Victorian style.

How To Design A Victorian Inspired Home

Ornate wooden cabinets are the most important element to give the kitchen a Victorian look. Other elements are secondary and can be added according to individual preferences.

What Is A Victorian Style House?

Secondary elements include lighting, flooring, accessories, wallpaper, etc. includes

Limited space forces designers to choose certain elements to include in the bedroom. Even then, the bedroom was filled with things other than the bed, such as tables, lamps, mirrors, sofas, and photographs.

The bed looked plush with lots of thick pillows with intricate patterns. The look ends with a thick comforter thrown over it.

Many modern HDBs do not have enough space in their bathroom to incorporate bathtubs typical of Victorian bathrooms.

Best Victorian Interior Design Ideas To Beautify Your Home

Due to space limitations, it is better to focus on modifying existing bathrooms to sprinkle Victorian design elements rather than going for a complete Victorian makeover.

For example, the use of tiles with a floral pattern is a great way to differentiate the spaces in the bathroom. Another would be to use brass trim for metal elements, such as pipes or clothes walls.

There are many cushions on the thick fabric of the sofa, giving the space a spacious and luxurious look. When you add pillows, the ferrier.

How To Design A Victorian Inspired Home

A few special places for decoration show the opulence associated with the Victorian style during the reign of Queen Victoria.

Fall In The Victorian Inspired Parlor

Modern kitchen appliances are subtly combined with ornate cabinets to keep the Victorian feeling around the kitchen.

Combining luxury cabinets with the wall, ceiling and floor will create a beautiful Victorian kitchen look.

Modern kitchen appliances have been carefully selected so as not to spoil the Victorian look and feel of the kitchen.

All types of Victorian decor can be incorporated into the bedroom. For the best, the available space will have a Victorian element.

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The rugs provide an ideal setting to match many Victorian elements. The carpet is also good for the bedroom because it is comfortable to walk on.

Specific elements such as the bathtub, lighting and cabinets give the bathroom a Victorian feel without losing its modern practicality.

The bathroom should include a separate bathtub. It is a signature element of the Victorian bathroom. If it is not suitable for daily use, a modern shower can be installed next to the bathtub.

How To Design A Victorian Inspired Home

Ornamental wooden cabinets can be used as long as they are protected from excessive splashing of water.

Eclectic Victorian Home With Moody Paint Colors

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