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How To Layer Rugs For A Cozy Look

How To Layer Rugs For A Cozy Look – A surefire way to create coziness in a room? Roll out a rug. And if you’re feeling particularly brave, do two or three. Layering rugs, whether over carpet or hardwood floors, is a smart and easy way to give a room structure and embrace another trend: pattern mixing. Of course, the unexpected contrast of fabrics and prints can give guests a double impression, but if done right, layered rugs can pop in a playful way and, more practically, bring together a space.

The trick is to choose patterns and colors that complement each other but are still different enough. For example, a red and cream rug with narrow stripes would be too much against a small check rug, but a larger black and white diamond check design is just right. The result can give a bohemian-luxe look or a cozy country or vintage atmosphere – all depending on how you arrange them. Double and triple textiles are a look we’ve seen before, but they’re trending now more than ever. We take these rooms as proof that the home decor trend is here to stay.

How To Layer Rugs For A Cozy Look

How To Layer Rugs For A Cozy Look

These beautiful Persian rugs are gorgeous enough to stand on their own, but put them together and make a grand statement in an otherwise minimalist setting.

How To Layer Rugs: Advice And Inspiration From Design Pros

A faux zebra print on a rug in the same shade adds a wild touch without sacrificing the beautiful neutrals of this bedroom.

Leave it to Ralph Lauren to discover America’s vintage and rustic aesthetic. Rugs do so much here to set the foundation of the space.

We love how placing faux calfskin over the jute rug helps anchor the coffee table in this spacious living room.

Rather than struggle with the low ceilings of this schoolhouse-turned-cottage bedroom, the owners embraced the size of the space, calming the floor with a green rug on top of the rug. Ironically, filling the room adds dimension that makes it seem larger.

How To Make Your Bedroom Better (and Cozier)

The arrangement of these rugs from light to dark opens up the entrance to this living room, making it even more accessible.

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How To Layer Rugs For A Cozy Look

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Can You Layer Rugs On Carpet? 5 Reasons You Should

These packing cubes are so cute – 6 in a set, fun design, durable and make organizing while traveling so easy.

Remember when I talked about fall cleaning last week? I wasn’t kidding! I’m always itching to change things up a bit when a new season comes around. I have also been looking for a new rug for our living room for a while. Oliver’s fur was stuck to the bottom which made it really hard to keep clean, so I wanted something that was both durable and easy to keep clean!

I knew I wanted to put a smaller rug over a jute rug, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted until I walked into World Market. They are currently running their special rug caravan and all rugs are up to 50% off*! Jute rugs are already pretty cheap, so getting one for up to 50% off is a steal. If you are looking for new carpets for your home, now is the time! The World Market has some really great stuff going on right now and the hardest part for me was settling on just one combination that I liked.

I finally did it and I really like how it turned out! It’s much cleaner and more comfortable here! What do you think? Oliver obviously approves!

Layering Rugs: Tips And Inspiration — Probably This

Have you ever thought about carpeting? Or have you already done so? I really like the look and have a few reasons to think so

You must try this trend! Oh, and if you want details on my living room, scroll to the bottom for the link!

Layering two rugs adds unexpected texture and depth to any room. They give the room a multi-layered lived-in feel that is inviting and relaxing.

How To Layer Rugs For A Cozy Look

Placing a smaller rug on top of a larger rug draws more attention to the area around the smaller rug. Having a seating area here is the perfect way to create a focal point in the room that feels finished and cozy.

Tips And Tricks: Layering Rugs, Cowhide Edition

Mixing colors and textures in the patterns creates a truly unique contrast that once again creates a focal point in your home.

When choosing rugs, choose two that are different but complement each other like the examples above! I usually recommend sticking with one that is very plain and one that has a color or unique pattern. Why? You want to create a peaceful oasis! It’s not a place that feels rushed and busy.

For our living room, I chose two really neutral colored rugs. Since our home has lots of colorful accents and rugs (you can’t see them here), I wanted to keep the rugs simple so that the space felt calm and relaxing — the perfect place to wind down after a long day.

I chose this jute rug with a diamond pattern for the backing. I love jute rugs because they are affordable, durable and easy to clean. The simple yet bold pattern on this one sold me! If you want to make a patterned rug on top, a solid jute rug looks amazing as a pad!

How Do You Layer Rugs

Since I chose a bold patterned jute rug for the bottom layer, I decided to use a plain ivory rug for the top layer. It is super fluffy and adds softness to the room. Oliver spends a lot of time lounging here!

Designer’s tip: Rugs don’t have to live on the floor! I love these little sheepskin rugs to cover the backs of sofas and chairs for extra softness and texture.

This post was sponsored by World Market, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make The Fox & She possible! There’s something about layered rugs that make a home feel like a home. Not only does it help bring in extra colors and textures and make a space feel cozier, but layering your rugs can help in a more practical sense as well.

How To Layer Rugs For A Cozy Look

“In addition to adding interest and even helping your room appear larger, layering rugs can be a great tactic to add to your arsenal if you have an antique or expensive rug that you want to use in the space, but this space is too big for him. says Cheri Etchelecu Martin, designer and founder of Cheri Etchelecu Interior Design. “I also like to add a smaller patterned rug over a neutral rug so you get a pop of pattern without overwhelming the space.”

Amazing Farmhouse Rug Ideas

A few rules to keep in mind if you’re trying to master the layered rug look—if you overdo it, you can end up with a chaotic mess instead of the collected, chic look you’re going for. Luckily, we’ve reached out to experts who do it for a living to give us the dos and don’ts when it comes to carpeting. Here’s what you should keep in mind.

“I personally think that even when you stack multiple rugs on top of each other, the base should stay neutral,” says designer Bethany Adams of Bethany Adams Interiors. “Typically, I’ll use a neutral, flat rug like sisal, jute, or woven wool as my large pad, and then lay a vintage rug with a fancy pattern on top.”

The reason for this is that a smaller, light-colored rug can stand on its own and is perfect for people who want to draw attention to a luxurious or vintage rug that just isn’t big enough to cover all the space they need. “This also prevents overflow if the rug you decide to light up is too heavy in pattern or color,” adds Adams. “A neutral base serves as the perfect complement.”

“One of the biggest mistakes people make when installing rugs is choosing ones that are too coarse in size,” says interior designer Avery Cox of Avery Cox Design. When you do this, you lose the decorative effect that layered rugs can bring because the rugs don’t stand out enough from each other.

These Soft, Cozy Rugs Will Help You Cultivate All The Good Vibes

“I suggest making sure you have a healthy buffer around the most decorative rug,” says Cox, referring to what she calls the “golden ratio.” In this case, the upper carpet should not be more than two-thirds of the area of ​​the lower part,” she adds. “And don’t go too small: nothing detracts from a room’s design more than a postage stamp rug!”

“If you have too many thick rugs on top of each other, they will start to look dense and even create a tripping hazard,” says Etcheleku Martin. “They can create an ugly bulge and even slide around, which is

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