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How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger – Wondering how to make small rooms in your home feel more spacious? These 9 tips will help you make any room look bigger!

You may not realize that during our 20 years of marriage we lived in beautiful houses. Our first house was almost 1,000 square feet and it is still my favorite house we have ever lived in. And even though our current house is very big, we still have small spaces in this house. So over the years I’ve learned a lot of tricks to make a small room look bigger! There are many things you can do to make a small bedroom look bigger or a small family room look more open and spacious. So let’s get to the tips!

How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

9 tips to make a small room look big Tip 1: Hang your curtains as high as possible

How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger: 9 Simple Tricks

Yes, it is VERY IMPORTANT to make any room look bigger. And to be honest, I think it looks better even in very large rooms. Instead of hanging your curtains high on your window frame, you want to hang your curtains as high as possible—preferably up to the ceiling. This is something we have done in all our rooms for years. This is especially useful in small bedrooms as a bedroom by definition has 4 walls and is closed off from other rooms. So if you’ve ever wondered how to make a small bedroom look bigger, this curtain trick will help a lot! You can see that in our master bedroom we hung our curtains as close to the cornice as possible.

And in Attley’s bedroom, we reused these DIY roller blinds from our last house, so we worked with a fixed curtain length. I hung them as high as I could as I touched them. You WANT the bottom of your curtains to touch the floor (we don’t want high tide curtains).

Another example below shows how Elsie used the same technique in her master bathroom as shown in A Beautiful Mess. This simple hack will help extend the length of the room and make it feel longer than it is. Make sure you buy the right length curtains as you want them to hang completely down.

We also used this curtain hanging trick in our old dining room AND our current dining room. Although none of our dining rooms are very small, they are not huge either. And you can see how the curtains hang completely from the ceiling, making both rooms look bigger. Seriously, this trick works every time!

Wall Coverings: Clever Ideas To Make A Small Room Look Bigger!

Another way to make a small bedroom look bigger is to choose pieces of furniture with legs. It helps to create an airy, open feeling in a small room (or really any room). Not every piece needs to have legs, but try to have at least one piece of a certain length, whether it’s your nightstand, dresser or bed. We chose this simple platform bed for our small guest room. And the self-painted hat has legs! These options with “legs” make a small bedroom feel very small and heavy, giving the illusion of more space.

There is a lot that goes into choosing paint colors for your home. You’d be surprised at how much change you can make by simply lightening the color palette of a room. Dark colors can be great to use, but because they absorb light (instead of reflecting it), they tend to make rooms look smaller.

Our lobby had neutral beige walls when we entered. By painting the walls white and choosing colorful artwork, the space looks VERY SPACIOUS and bright.

How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

In the powder room renovation in our old house, the light color on the walls made the small powder room feel very large and bright, especially since there was no window or natural light in the powder room.

Small Space Decorating Ideas (how To Make A Small Room Look Bigger)

Adding an accent wall is a great way to make a room feel bigger. One of the many things Chelsea of ​​Making Manzanita did when she remodeled her farmhouse bathroom was to add a simple faux shiplap wall behind the toilet. By giving the eye somewhere interesting to focus quickly, you are distracted from the small size of the room. You can see that he also lightened the color scheme and changed the toilet to a slightly larger one, which helped to make the room feel a bit longer (like hanging curtains a bigger trick!).

We added a skylight to our old master bedroom and the natural light was amazing! But skylights are not an option for most people (and certainly not a budget-friendly option). Don’t be afraid! There are many other ways to emphasize and increase the natural light your room already receives. One of the easiest changes you can make is to throw out any old curtains or windows and let in the natural light! Accentuating and increasing the amount of natural light makes a big difference in making a small room feel bigger.

Just look at what a difference removing those blinds made in our laundry room (we also painted the walls white and added a light color floor, which also made a big impact).

Statement art is another great way to make a room feel bigger. Statement art is what it sounds like…great art that makes a statement in a room. It gives the eye somewhere to focus, and hopefully the art is interesting and attractive. Many people think that small rooms should be filled with small paintings, but they actually make the space feel smaller! You can see how I use large pieces of art in Avery’s little room to make it look bigger.

How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger And Brighter

Another trick to make a small room look bigger is to add a mural! We added a mural to Attley’s little room in our old house and it made it look so big! I think it’s because it draws your attention to it and flows from the floor to the ceiling.

Another tried and tested trick to make a room feel bigger is to add a mirror to the room. Mirrors help to illuminate the room, which helps to increase the amount of natural light in the space. There is also something about being reflected in a mirror and seeing a “bigger” room that creates an effect and makes the room feel bigger. Erin from DIY Passion did a great job of incorporating this hack by hanging a mirror in her bedroom that showcases her beautiful accent wall.

It’s no surprise that if there is a little clutter in the room, it will feel bigger. One of the best ways to make a room feel bigger is to install smart options that provide plenty of storage space without taking up a ton of floor space. Sarah from Twelve Main did a great job in her farmhouse master bedroom by adding these built-ins and window seats to create functional and beautiful wall storage that otherwise wouldn’t have been very useful.

How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

We also added a window seat with storage to Attley’s room and added lots of storage for books and other things for little girls. We have some great ideas for smart storage solutions that are especially important for small homes, including back door storage, full wall storage for the craft room and a bench with hidden storage for games.

The Subtle ‘vertical Decorating’ Technique Designers Use To Make Small Rooms Look Bigger And Brighter

When working with a small room, instead of cramming it full of furniture, think about using as much vertical space as possible. You may not have a lot of floor space, but by using the walls up to the ceiling, you make effective use of the space you have while drawing the eye up, making the room appear larger.

One of the best things you can do is build in furniture like we did with these built-in beds in Avery’s old bedroom. Although he had a small bedroom, it included TWO closets. So we took one of the closets to create these built-in beds for him. They freed up a ton of floor space AND added storage for books and animals, which was a total bonus.

And this is Attley’s old room, we turned the odd and useless niche formed by the fireplace chimney into a functional space by building in a desk and floating shelves.

If you’re dealing with a small house, I’m sure you’re always thinking about how to make a small room look bigger. Even if you don’t have a small home, you can still benefit from some of these 7 ways to make a room feel bigger. They will work instant magic and you will be amazed at how big your space feels! Looking for more great interior design tips from Kaleidoscope Living?

Decor Tips To Make A Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Designing small spaces doesn’t have to be difficult or overwhelming. I am learning all about choosing the right things

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