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How To Organize Your Closet

How To Organize Your Closet – For many of us, the closet is one of the most important places in our home. Whether you’re looking for total comfort or not, your wardrobe is an important place in your everyday life. Besides just clothes, many people use closet space to store memories and memorabilia. Regardless of how you use it, implementing systems and zones will help you keep your space organized as it expands and evolves over the years.

What initially deters many people from organizing their closets is the inevitable cleanup. Clothing is something that people often create memories of their favorite clothes, so it’s understandable to get rid of your wardrobe. We know it’s hard to let go of something you haven’t worn in years, but it’s important to organize your closet first. We recommend working on one rank to begin with. Start with jeans, then pants, etc. By taking it in chunks, it keeps you focused on one task at a time and doesn’t overwhelm you. You’ll also see all of your items when you sort each clothing category by category, which simplifies the process. When cleaning, be honest with yourself and ask, “When was the last time I wore something like this?” ask questions like, “How often do I reach for this?” and “Would I buy this again?” Of course, don’t forget to donate or sell any clothes that are in good condition from your stolen clothes.

How To Organize Your Closet

How To Organize Your Closet

The next step after cleaning is the spatial plan. Depending on how much hanging space you have in your closet, especially when it comes to folding space, it helps to prioritize hanging formal clothes and then move on to casual clothes. If you run out of hanging space, regular clothes can be folded and placed on a shelf or in a closet. We use the file folding method to fold clothes (if you’re not familiar with this, check out our tutorial here!) Underwear, casual clothes, gym clothes, leggings, and pajamas are all items that are typically stored in the closet or closet. inside the closet. Also, if space allows, it is advisable to keep your wardrobe in or near the closet. We generally recommend storing larger accessories and foldable clothes that fold better on open shelves. Shoes, purses, hats, jewelry, sweaters, and jeans are some of our favorite items on the closet shelves!

Interior Design Tips: How To Organize Your Closet

No matter the size of your closet, we love to save you space wherever you go! Even if you can fit in, maximizing space is the best way to optimize your style. Of course, file folding is our #1 space saver! Folding the file frees up more space and makes it easier to see everything in the garment. We also like to accompany the folding dresser with extendable drawer dividers to make one drawer into multiple sections for different categories. Bins and baskets are favorite shelf space savers. If you want more tips, our Guide to Organizing Your Closet lists all our favorite space-saving techniques and products.

When you get rid of your stuff, think about how it fits into your routine. This means choosing which categories to put back where and how. We usually arrange the top in the color of each length and length. We like to go from long to short (starting with long in the back) and then dark to light (starting with dark in the back). We also like to put the most frequented items in premium closets. possible. Choosing the same type and color of hangers for hanging creates a more cohesive flow and uniformity. Bending the file to the same folding size creates the same evenness on the cabinet and on the shelf.

Once you’ve arranged your items in the places that work best for you, you’re ready for the last step and the most fun part of redecorating your closet! Add a variety of accessories like hats, trinkets and decorative baskets to ensure you look dreamy every time you open or enter your wardrobe. Ultimately, the combination of aesthetics and functionality creates a beautiful space where you can breathe easy.

We hope our closet tips help you get started on your organizational journey. You are one step away from achieving the beauty of your dreams and simplifying your routine! If you feel like you need our guidance along the way, be sure to pre-order our founder Jen Robin’s first book, Living Whole: A Joyful Guide to Organizing Your Home and Making Space for What Matters.

Limiting And Organizing Your Closet Like A Pro: Tips And Tricks For A Clutter Free Wardrobe

Get all of our how-to guides for FREE before we launch on December 7th (including the closet tutorial!) The closet tutorial contains 22 pages of detailed, in-depth instructions based on the LIJ organizing method. This guide explains in detail the above tips and how to organize your wardrobe according to its type.

Tips for organizing your wardrobe, how to properly hang/fold/store clothes, our favorite wardrobe products and more! Happy organizing! Wendy Rose Gould is a veteran freelance lifestyle reporter based in Phoenix, Arizona with over 10 years of experience. She covers home, health, beauty and travel for Martha Stewart, Real Simple, Insider, TODAY, Bustle, TripSavvy, The Zoe Report and other publications. Whether she’s brainstorming interior design with industry influencers, discussing trends with beauty and fashion experts at NYFW, or traveling to new corners of the world, she’s always eager to report on the latest and greatest.

Organizing your wardrobe may seem like a daunting task, but you can easily do it in a weekend and the profit from your efforts will be minimal. An organized closet doesn’t just look good. This will save you the chaos of searching for that dress or accessory at the last minute and will keep you from overspending (running out and duplicating or not buying).

How To Organize Your Closet

Follow this simple step-by-step guide on how to organize your closet and you’ll be on your way to a streamlined, stress-free space in no time.

Organize Your Closet In 3 Steps

Follow these six steps and you’ll have a clean, organized closet that will have you moving forward in no time.

The phrase “it gets worse before it gets better” is one you’ll want to repeat as you take the first step in organizing your closet, which is to pull out and evaluate each item that will make you feel like you are working backwards. . However, trust us – this step is very important. “When you start organizing your closet, the first thing you do is pick it up

This will help you visualize the area, calculate everything you have, and make it easier to browse your items.

Make a pile of things you want to keep, things you plan to donate, things you can’t fix, things you need to throw away or repurpose. Murphy recommends ditching items that “weren’t worn last year, are broken or no longer fit,” and always make sustainability a priority. “We always offer to send or donate things before we throw them away,” she said.

Can You Really Organize A Closet Without Buying Anything?

Still not sure what to give up? “I like to use the rule of five when storing something: If you can make five outfits out of one item and wear it, keep it,” advises professional closet organizer Lisa Adams. If you need support, ask an honest friend for help.

Once you’re aware of the clothes and accessories you store, Murphy recommends sorting them by similarity (shoes, underwear, swimwear, workout gear, etc.). Sorting is out of the question as it helps determine how many items are in each category. This will give you a better idea of ​​where things will go when you start putting them back in the closet.

Categorize your sentimental items that you no longer wear. You can store them in an open container on a shelf. This allows you to see things when you open your closet, but allows your closet to remain a functional space filled with the things you wear.

How To Organize Your Closet

What you own and plan to keep, including the number of each item in each category, shoe height, hat width, etc.

How To Organize A Deep Closet

If you don’t have anything in your closet, take the time to measure the space for hanging cabinets, drawers, and shelves. You can also measure the height of the suspension rod. If this seems difficult, at least measure the width, height and depth of the shelves and drawers.

Now you can lower or raise the suspension rod and shoe rack (if adjustable) with your inventory and measurements. “We forget that we can move the shelves and hanging rods in the closet,” says Adams.

And put one

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