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How To Style A Bookshelf

How To Style A Bookshelf – I can’t deny that I love seeing stylish wardrobes with lots of unique decorations and accessories. But sometimes bookstores need to—well—stock books. And in today’s post, I’m going to share with you my recently styled bookcases and my thoughts on styling bookshelves when you have a lot of books.

First, I’d like to start by saying that you don’t need leather bookshelves to make a bookcase or bookshelf feel stylish or to keep the overall aesthetic of your space in mind.

How To Style A Bookshelf

How To Style A Bookshelf

Second, there is no need to buy “style” books or accessories. In fact, in this case, it’s better that you don’t.

Tips For Styling Bookshelves.

Third, don’t start styling anything until all of your books are placed on your bookshelf or bookshelf. Then you can see the area you’re working with and start playing with some realistic style options.

When your bookcase or bookshelf is full or almost full, you can add some interest with a few well-placed horizontal stacks. Just take a few books from the end of the shelf or in the middle and fold them horizontally.

My two bookcases (both IKEA cat bookcases) were almost full, so it was complicated, but also simple and easy to get to.

Depending on the number of stitches you want, you’ll want to spread them out and, ideally, create an irregular zig-zag pattern.

How To Style Bookcases

Tip: If you have more than one bookcase sitting together, like I have here, then treat both bookshelves as a single bookcase. Then you can create a zig zag pattern that ties the whole look together. 3. Room for the end of the book?

I had a piece of space here and added a little book to order things. I made sure to put it in a place that fit the general zig zag pattern.

While I haven’t measured my books – who has the time or inclination? – I put most of the big and thick books on the bottom shelf and the smaller books on the top. I didn’t completely owe it (as you can see), but I kept to this model, mostly 😉

How To Style A Bookshelf

By adding very heavy/bulky books to the bottom shelves, it helps anchor things so that the bookcase doesn’t look “top heavy”.

Style A Bookshelf Like A Pro

(BTW: You may have noticed that one of the first shelves is dedicated to old CDs – does anyone remember CDs? Lol!)

Last but certainly not least, I scoured my home and picked out a few accessories to display on the horizontal stacks of books to finish things off.

It’s the perfect time to use up some of those decor pieces you’ve been saving, like that little vintage rug. It has added something of the old style to this collection of made-up and miscellaneous books.

Anyone else use bookcases primarily for books?! What are your tried and true solutions for creating some style? Let me know in the comments below.

How To Style Your Bookshelves, According To The Experts

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If you disable this cookie, we cannot save your preferences. This means that every time you visit this website you need to enable or disable cookies again. Organizing drawers is my favorite kind of therapy. Bookcase style and decorating shelves is a close second. So, if you’re looking for how to decorate a bookshelf and style it like a pro, I have great tips for you! This post will show you the foolproof formula I use to decorate our closets at home.

How To Style A Bookshelf

Last year, we bought a large entertainment center for our living room. Two large bookcases flank the center console. At first, I was bored. I don’t know how to style a bookshelf, especially since I don’t have an interior design background. But I did a great job in the fall when I mixed and matched my ever-changing decorating styles.

How To Style A Bookshelf With Personality: Eclectic Bookcase Styling Tips

Good to know: This post is extensive but with lots of pictures and detailed instructions. If you don’t have time to read it now, save it for later! Just click on the image below to save it to Pinterest.

Although I have a good idea for arts and crafts, home decorating is not easy. I think part of the problem is my obsession with uniformity, cleanliness and matching colors. But, over time, I’ve learned a thing or two, and sometimes breaking the rules is what makes the difference. You’ll see what I mean when I show you how I styled our brochure.

But bookshelf styling doesn’t have to be complicated. Follow these four steps, and you’ll see how easy it is to style a bookcase in no time!

If your book cover is already styled, take the time to strip it of the current decorations and pieces and set it aside. I realized that it takes me a lot of time to rearrange when things are already placed on the shelves.

How To Style A Beautiful Bookshelf — Liven Design

Decorating a bookshelf or any shelf is like creating a painting or a painting. First, you start with a blank canvas; Then, you should paint a few small ones, sign, check the progress, and continue painting.

In the same line, when you are writing a style book, you should start with empty shelves and bring your decorative pieces one by one. Take a few steps back to position and adjust.

When decorating your book, don’t skip this step. I think it saved my sanity. I suffer from analysis paralysis, and organizing all my decor items into groups helped me decorate my bookshelf much faster than the first time.

How To Style A Bookshelf

When your closet is empty, organize the decor elements into groups. I organized my items into color groups, but you can create any group. You can sort by color, texture, object type, style, shape and size; the name

How To Style Bookshelves For A Coastal Farmhouse Look

Below are my personal examples, but they will give you an idea of ​​how to set up your own.

👉🏻 Check out my list of bookshelf style ideas on Amazon for all the resources mentioned in this post!

Small plants add a nice touch to any book. I’m a fan of fake plants, and I have lots of succulents and eucalyptus around my house. They look realistic to me, and I like the zero maintenance.

I think the gold and metallic elements are essential to the style of the books. Especially an all-white bookcase like ours needs a touch of glam to add interest and sparkle. I keep gold clips for all seasons. They serve their purpose, and their traditional corbel look is timeless.

Tips For Styling A Bookshelf

You can’t style a bookshelf without books, of course! So, I collected all my books, but only the colors and shades that I wanted to see on the bookshelf. I have a bunch of fake books that I once used to style a wedding.

Any wooden elements and neutral and natural tones always attract me. I used it to balance the gold and add a rustic, farmhouse touch.

Pro tip: You don’t have to use every piece. This is the beauty of arranging your pieces in groups when you want to decorate a bookcase. Grouping by size, texture or color helps to pick up one piece at a time.

How To Style A Bookshelf

Now for the fun part, decorate your scrapbook! My first piece of advice is to follow a specific order when styling book diamonds. Tribesigns 5 Tier Bookshelf, Vintage Industrial Style Bookcase 72 H X 12 W X 47l Inches, White

If you have more than one book (or symmetrical boxes like mine), start with one side first and follow the “triangle formula” (explained below). This is the only way to see balance and progress in your wardrobe.

Decorate the shelves one by one, starting from the top left. Using the pictures below, I will explain how I made each shelf follow the triangle formula.

So, let’s take a closer look at the triangle formula that makes bookshelf styling easier than you think!

Blue ceramic mug on top with blue book spines on second shelf and blue candles on bottom shelf.

Hot Design Tip: Open Shelf Bookcases Create Visual Drama And Add A Lot Of Style (+ 30 Of Our Favorites)

Gold bookcases on the top shelf are flanked by a gold frame on the second shelf and a storm vase on the bottom shelf with gold hardware. A gold statue and a gold candle snuffer are also on the way to the triangle.

Once all three closets were decorated (or so I thought), I noticed an imbalance in the wood/natural tones. I decided to make another triangle to tie in the brown at the end. This is when I added the window glass to the top shelf, behind the rest of the decor.

Well, I hope the formula will give you an idea how to balance colors and pieces in the interior

How To Style A Bookshelf

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