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How To Style A Coffee Table

How To Style A Coffee Table – I recently realized that without realizing it I use a pattern every time I design a coffee table. Sometimes, design processes can be restrictive and seem like they don’t allow for creativity. Other times, the process takes the brain’s work out of the job. My coffee table design is the last one for me. Designing a coffee table can be a never-ending game of give and take, but my process allows me to create quickly and without limits to my creativity.

It’s all about shapes. Coffee table styles and decor. In summary, I like to mimic the look of the coffee table with my decor.

How To Style A Coffee Table

How To Style A Coffee Table

I like to make a rectangle within a rectangle… using rectangles! 🙂 I usually start with a stack of books or a tray or two. But the main thing is to change its shape and some things have a circle or something wrong on the surface.

How To Style A Square Coffee Table

A square coffee table is always fun to decorate because you can play around with so many things. I like to start with two stacks of books next to each other. And on the remaining two sides, I fill it with circular elements.

I like to keep a nice round coffee table when it comes to decor. A pot with a bunch of stems or a pair of round vases is all it needs. But generally, I only use the round thing around the coffee table.

The common theme among them all? A pot with a stem! It adds a layer of fabric and high flexibility, and I always wear it in one form or another.

Save the drawing below or pin it to Pinterest for future reference! A coffee table is one of those pieces of furniture that can make or break a room, and its design is important. A well-designed coffee table can really help tie your family room together and make your home look cozy, warm and inviting. A coffee table is usually a low table that sits under your sofa and provides a convenient table support for guests to place their drinks or anything else they may have. For this reason, it is recommended to find a good balance between style and function. So today, I’m going to share my top tips on how to create a coffee table that’s authentic, useful for kids, and Instagram-worthy at the same time.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Scented Candle in Glass Holder // House Paper // Round Bamboo Bowl // World Paper //

Handcrafted Star Fruit // Made for Leaf // Three Foot Cream Jar // Dried Palm Leaf // Crossbow Item

Paper Surf Hut // Small Bed Linen // Stoneware Vase // Rounded Stoneware Vase // Wooden Sphere // Bamboo Tray //

How To Style A Coffee Table

Keeping the balance of beauty is very important when looking for anything in your home. One of the first things I like to do is create a contact point. This is very important at first because it helps you determine where the eye falls when you enter the room.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas For Every Style

Another thing I like to do is make sure I handle the bold parts. I like to keep my decor pretty neutral and timeless with decorative pieces, but I also like to throw in some bold decor here and there. However, I try not to put them together, but I plan to put them on the coffee table and put neutral pieces around them. Finally, focus on visual symmetry or even sometimes asymmetry. Creating a visual and aesthetic connection can simplify the process and create a beautiful visual appeal.

Using trays like this $29 one to set up your coffee table is an easy and foolproof way to make the table look nicer and can help make the space look better instead of having a few things without anything on the table. It’s also a beautiful way to organize things, to tie things together, and it’s not too hard on the eyes. Overall, it looks like something should be there.

There are many ways to create a tray in your home, and you can use it to have fun and recycle. One of my favorite things to do is to put a flower arrangement in a vase and place it in the tray, then add another vase to create visual symmetry. You can also add your own decorations to the tray and combine it with some of the crafts that you will be using. Love this stone tray from H&M, only $24

Whenever I shop for new home decor pieces, I always try to stick to classic pieces that I know will last forever, meaning that they will not go out of style and last for many age! My first tip is to stick to neutrality. It’s the easiest way to make sure you get paid. I love neutrals because they bring a clean clean feeling to any room. Some classic items I like to use are coffee table books, statues, vases, neutral decorations. I try to stay away from home decor that is “trendy” because we all know that trends don’t last. However, if there is something you like, get it!

Tips For Styling A Round Coffee Table

Although I like to stick to neutrals when it comes to home decor as a personal preference, I do like to throw in some color, especially during summer and spring! Using a few subtle colors adds character and adds visual interest. One of the easiest ways to do this is to add a flower arrangement to a vase and place it on the coffee table. It’s simple and subtle, adds a little color and will look good. You can also use a tray that also has some pop of color and combine with neutral decorations to balance everything. If trays aren’t your thing, you can choose to use a bowl and add some decorative beads like these glazed pearls.

Finally, use coffee table paper. There are so many great options on the market right now, from Amber Interiors to Dior, so many good ones! And there are many different ways to make them, so I think they are my favorite. If you have a lot of coffee table books, you can stack a few on top of each other. Maybe even add your own flower arrangement, decorations or even a bowl and coffee table paper.

I love this restoration book. You can also place these leaves next to a tray or plate, add some decorative beads on top. There are endless possibilities, such as the simple decorative candle above. If you are planning to stack coffee table books, try using different sizes to create a visual asymmetry that will attract attention.

How To Style A Coffee Table

I hope there are some tips and tricks here that help! Decorating your home can be tricky at times, so have fun with it and play around with different things until you find something you like!

How To Style Coffee Table Books + My Top 20 Favorites

House Paper // Hand-Carved Star Tree // Made for Green // 3 Palm Cream Jars // Sun-Dried Palm Leaves // Water Glass Vase // Textured Stoneware Vase // Bamboo Tray // Ikea Deep A / / Glass Vase // Pepper Cylinder Vase // Green Leaf and California Leaf // House Paper // Purple Vase Browse all Master Bedroom Living Room Kitchen Dining Room Bathroom Entryway Office Bathroom teen bedrooms teen bedrooms teen bedrooms teen bedrooms

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We’ve had amazing feedback on the how-to! Last week we posted a quiz on our Instagram story and you all asked to post about making a coffee table! Today, we’re here to share all our tips and tricks for making a coffee table!

Books are great for stacking on a coffee table as an easy way to add height to a work space. If you want to be more on top of the books, try a graphic design or decorations (beads, ribbons, crocheted things, etc.) placed on top of the book!

How To Style One Coffee Table Two Ways

Decorative elements will add dimensions and levels in the future. Choose different heights to create depth and interest. Candles, small frames and beads will provide a lot of added texture.

We love adding faux stems to vases. They create such a warm atmosphere

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