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How To Use Brown In Interior Design

How To Use Brown In Interior Design – Do you think brown is boring? Think again! We have compiled a list of colors that pair with brown to create the most amazing combinations ever. Whether you choose silky caramel, dark chocolate, coffee tones or a rich brown, here are eleven gorgeous ways to decorate with brown.

Burnt orange and rich brown are the colors of fall, and you can create beautiful looks year-round with these fall-inspired hues! Here, the abundance of orange on the walls is complemented by the brown earth in the sofas and floors. Orange and cream flowers create a pleasant atmosphere.

How To Use Brown In Interior Design

How To Use Brown In Interior Design

Cream and brownie are like vanilla on chocolate – a combination you can never go wrong with! White brown doors and curtains balance the richness of the cinnamon brown walls in this elegant and modern foyer. A cream rug and warm accents complement the light brown of the wooden floors.

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White is a fun background that works with almost any color, and in this warm country kitchen, it plays off the rich tones of brown teak to perfection. Vibrant Moroccan tiles in the background tie the color palette together and add dynamism to the vibrant, repeating patterns.

All the shades of brown, from the deep brown on the walls to the velvety caramel on the sofa and the bamboo parquet on the floor, make a really interesting combination, working together beautifully to create a lovely line in this living room. Depth and visual interest are carefully created through the use of contrasting textures.

Sage green and khaki brown mimic the colors of the woods, and go well together in this bedroom, which is as relaxing and soothing as it gets. Metallic accents in the room—the rotating bedside mirror and delicate gold threads in the rugs, for example—add a touch of luxury.

Tangerine walls fill the studio of this artist with the warmth of a thousand suns. The sleek handle and brown curtains keep the heat down and keep the color palette from catching fire! Notice how the multi-colored rug captures all the nuances in the room on a cohesive canvas.

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The warm, sandy beige on the walls proves to be the perfect backdrop for the tika in furniture and open display shelving in this living area. The ivory sofa and fluffy rug are comfortably placed in the same color family, complementing the modern decor theme perfectly.

Blue and brown are on opposite ends of the color wheel, which makes for a unique pairing that works surprisingly well here! The cool icy tones of steel gray contrast the warm tones of brown Wenge wood in this beautiful kitchen. An electric blue accent wall adds a touch of class and effortlessly ups the style curve.

Flesh brown, with its pink undertones, brightens and brightens the dark brown in this bathroom. A bamboo divider, floor tiles and striped colors add to the durability factor of this earthen palette. The pure white bathroom is perfectly positioned to grab all the attention.

How To Use Brown In Interior Design

As we continue, white is the perfect neutral because it goes well with all other colors and even looks great on its own! In this carefully designed open plan space, cream, white and ivory colors come together to make a stunning statement.

A Black And Brown Decor In A Stylish Apartment

Submerge in red tones of beige and brown, add a bit of crisp white and brighten up with bold reds and oranges to create this perfect bedroom. Area rugs, curtains and walls are in perfect harmony.

Another variation of the forest color combination, olive green goes well with all shades of brown. The warm brown tones of the rattan furniture and parquet floor are a perfect contrast against the warm shade of olive on the accent wall and velvet curtains.

When shy lavender meets rich brown, the result is a pairing that is both attractive and inspiring. This living room exudes an air of quiet sophistication, with lighter, less saturated versions of the two colors captured in the abstract art on the walls. The graphic patterns in the carpet match the flowers on the sofa.

Pick up the energy and create a room that oozes drama with fuchsia pink walls against a soft brown sofa – a no-nonsense and practical choice! Pink handmade pillows add pattern and stripes.

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Do you want a custom-made color palette that matches your personality and creates the right emotions? Fill your home with the warmth of brown and show off the versatility of this earthy color with the help of color experts! Hello everyone. It’s me, Lauren, here again to talk about color. Especially brown. A few weeks ago, when we first met and I brought you this post about fun color combinations, we didn’t even talk about brown. I’m going to correct that mistake today and dedicate an entire post to my color because … IT IS BAAAAAAAACK!

If you’re thinking “But Lauren! Brown has been back for a while, as evidenced here and here and here and here…” You’re not wrong! Things have heated up over the years. We’ve seen a shift from painted furniture and cooler color palettes to bedrooms. which includes blonde woods and earthy textiles and paint options.

But I’m not talking about the gold-colored skirts or the leather sofas of recent years. (But it’s still pretty cool.) I mean brown…deeper, darker, richer colors, from terracotta and mahogany to walnut and chocolate and everything in between.

How To Use Brown In Interior Design

If you never thought that the day would come when we delve deeper into brown and, dare I say it, actually kind of fall in love with it all… I didn’t know either, even though I know it in the design world – both in interior and fashion – things are always changing, with most trends emerging as a response. Of course, brown is always around in some capacity. After all, furniture is usually made of wood, lol, but the color and tone and the way and the amount of them definitely vary. I mean, literally anything can come in brown – furniture, floors, walls, shoes, textiles, wardrobes – and in the 70s, everything did.

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Before the 1950s things were generally pretty bad. It wasn’t completely colorless, but dyeing textiles and plastics was expensive, so things got very colorful in the 50s and 60s when new materials came out. In the 70’s, people were like NO SHANKS, and the slogan was “wood panel everything!” The retina-shattering 80s ushered in the country kitchen of the 90s, shortly followed by Tuscan – everything that rocked the early 2000s (SO.MUCH.BEIGE). We are still recovering from the last one. For more than a decade, painted furniture and kitchen/bathroom/everything white has dominated homes and Pinterest boards around the world, so it seems natural that a major shift is on the horizon.

How do we know it’s happening? We’ve seen some stores like CB2 start to carry darker wood pieces, but fashion is usually the best indicator of what’s on the agenda in terms of decor as trends usually flow from there. And lately, fashion is all about brown…

Image sources, top row: left | average | right image source, bottom row: left | average | right

As you can see from these photos from the last few fashion weeks, tone-on-tone is definitely a thing and you can never go wrong with brown and red, but it’s the brown/blue/red combination below left that really stands out. my heart is burning.

Why Brown Is The Home Decor Color Of 2022

You didn’t come for fashion, so let’s go. Mobile seems like a logical place to start…

Pictured above, non-traditional pieces in different wood tones combine with textured accents to create a rustic boho space that’s a decided departure from the wood-heavy minimalist vibe that dominates at the moment. It makes Instagram look different. (You know the look: light wood furniture combinations, sunset colors, lots of ceramics.) Not that we don’t appreciate these places—we do—but there’s something special about decorating a room with pieces with a unique tone, material, or style. it, no matter how carefully chosen, can feel a bit “done in a day”, if you know what I mean. The dining area above may not get all the ‘loves’ of the internet, but the sense of sophistication built over time will certainly help it last in the long run.

From the walls to the furniture to the textiles, the cozy room pictured above, in all its dark, chocolatey glory, is a striking stylistic contrast to the informal dining area pictured above. It can be hard to get away from ANY color scheme, but it works here thanks mostly to the visual appeal of the white head wrap. (Imagine for a second that the entire bed frame was iron? Another story entirely.) The woodwork on the French nightstand is very similar to the grassy walls, but the white tile from the marble top of the table doesn’t lose the piece. on shuffle. It’s the little things in design, y’all.

How To Use Brown In Interior Design

If you’re worried that darker wood furniture—especially antiques—will feel crowded or visually heavy, consider reupholstering a piece in an unexpected color. Set against glossy cabinets and topped with a vessel sink with a bubbler, the image of the console-turntable-turned-table is thick and impressively striking against the playfulness of the room’s cars.

The Psychology Of Colors In Interior Design

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