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How To Use Color Blocking

How To Use Color Blocking – Have you ever tried color blocking on handmade cards? I have some creative ways to teach you how to use this method.

Color blocking is a fun way to use paint and a blending brush to add a variety of colors to create some vibrant backgrounds for your cards and scrapbook pages. Grab your favorite colors and go to town!

How To Use Color Blocking

How To Use Color Blocking

I’m a happy girl when I get creative with my bright and bold colors Stampin’ Up! The family colors I chose to work with today.

Color Block Outfit Ideas As Seen On Celebrities

You’ll want to watch the video for all the pictures on how to use color blocking techniques in different ways. Have fun exploring the different options.

Will you try color blocking? Which of these are you most excited to try? Please share your thoughts as I love reading!

To start color blocking, use some large Post-it Notes or Stampin’ Up! The backing paper and ‘blocking’ pieces on some white cardstock are cut to 4″ x 5-1/4″. Next, using a blending brush, apply the paint color to one part. Then repeat the process for each blocked section, mixing different colors of paint in each section. When you have finished mixing the ink, apply embossing powder (antistatic powder) to the entire layer, stamp the image(s) with Versamark ink, pour white embossing powder over the ink and set the heat.

Cut your layer to 3-3/4″ x 5″ and then cut the board into separate sections, add the sections to the 4″ x 5-1/4″ cut black cardboard layer.

Color Block Your Sweater (free Pattern) » Bernina Blog

To change up the inside of the card a bit, I used a black marker and ink with just the words I wanted to stamp in the ‘Irresistible Flowers’ collection.

This fun color blocking technique is done by moving the Stampin’ Up! Apply tape, add color to the room using a blending brush and Beach Cabana, Melon Mambo or Daffodil Delight colors, then repeat until all layers are covered.

After coloring you can use imitation powder (anti-static powder) on the layer, stamp your image on Versamark and pour white imitation powder over the image and heat. Add your love and this simple card is complete!

How To Use Color Blocking

Let’s lighten up the final card using this color blocking technique. Simply add color with your blending brush and trim the layer as desired. When you add the pieces to a 4″ x 5-1/4″ piece of white cardstock, you can leave a gap between the layers if you want to stamp your sentiment.

Ways To Use Color Blocking In Your Wedding Decor

What happens if I use different colors of cardstock to create a color blocking effect? Doing this helps me to cut at an angle, then mix and match the pieces like a puzzle. I also changed the embossing powder to silver for a completely different look.

Below is a free download; This is my way of thanking you for visiting my blog! This download is designed to fit a card craft reference album or three-ring binder!

I have the full supply list below that I used to create all of these cards. When you click the link below you will see all the items you can add to your cart. Simply remove what you don’t need!

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Bobbie V Neck Top // Color Block And Construction

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My name is Sharon Armstrong and I was a Stampin’ Up! Opposition since 1997! I have been married to my husband Mark for over 40 years and we have 5 children, their spouses and 10 grandchildren!

At first I worked full-time in the stamp business. In the year In 2014 I decided to pursue Stamping full time and I love it. And blessed for it! On my travels, I have met so many dear friends, all thanks to Rubber Stamp! Color blocking is one of my favorite things. There are many ways to describe color blocking or color blocking. But in the end, you can make this pattern as easy as cutting it out and then sewing it all together. You can mix prints and colors together for a dynamic look or just for a new design. I’ve put together a full tutorial on color blocking.

How To Use Color Blocking

What can I say, I absolutely love a good color block in any way you can. For this I painted as lightly as possible. To match the sleeves and neckline, I hemmed the shirt a few inches from the bottom.

Color Blocking: What Is It And How To Do It Right

To do this, I used a beautiful quilt made from Raspberry Creek fabric. I used a lilac rose with a light rust stain. Double Gauze is one of my favorite fabrics. It is as soft as a cloud but light and has a little stretch (because of the wrinkle effect, but the fabric itself has no stretch) so it is perfect for making a summer shirt. I used Olivia’s pattern because even though it’s designed for knitting, it’s roomy enough so I knew it would work with double gauze. However, I adjusted the neckline slightly so that it still fit snugly over her head without stretching, and then finished it off with bias straps instead of a knit. For this top, I did a longer version with a side split, but I didn’t want it to be too long so I alternated the length between the cropped length and the longer length. Then I cut a few centimeters from the bottom to cover the color.

I make sure the front and back are cut in the same place. I then sewed the bag pieces together and gathered the top as usual to match the seams if necessary.

I really like the situation. Color blocking is a fun way to use different fabrics or use less of your favorite fabric. It’s also great for creating coordinated looks (if one sibling has a shirt in the same fabric). I love mixing different colors or prints together. All will disappear after sewing. Do you have a big old wall that makes your room feel a little empty? Have you considered color blocking? Color blocking is a relatively new design trend that seems to be popping up more than ever. It’s a great and affordable way to add visual interest to any room and can add a sense of fun and excitement to your space.

I fell in love with this trend when I first saw it on Instagram. There’s just one problem… I’m not sure where to use it and how to solve it properly. Needless to say, I was scared. I started with one color block on a short term rental and have since done two other color blocks. Obsession! Find below a list of how to become your own color blocking master. You got it!

How To Color Block A Top

If you’re new to the whole color blocking scene, let’s dive into the trend. It’s quite literally (thank you!) Color blocking is painting a block of color or pattern on the wall. Instead of painting the entire wall, you can see a painted square, circle, arch, or whatever crazy shape you can think of in your head. I’ve seen them all.

The best thing about color blocking is that you can get super creative with it. After all, it’s just paint and always cover it and repeat if necessary! Here are some home decor items that I’ve found to be great accents!

I find that creating a block of color behind a large piece of furniture is a great way to highlight it and create a new mood. This also seems to work well with a reading nook with a table and chairs. In the photo above, the green arch makes the mid-century modern credenza stand out and helps create some almost architectural interest around the article. If you want to make a large wall look more intimate without having to paint many corners, color blocking is a fun way to do it. This is our short term rental, The Ollie, and our customers love it!

How To Use Color Blocking

Sometimes art and mirrors can get a little lost on large walls. Consider creating a block of color around a gallery wall or mirror to draw attention to those works with a fun backdrop. On the dining table we rented, I chose to create a yellow rectangle behind the shelves to really highlight the decor on it. This was an especially great solution because the wall spanned our entire living area and was painted all one color.

Tips For Color Blocking And Interior Design– Artisan Born

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