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How To Use Red In Interior Design

How To Use Red In Interior Design – For our latest lookbook, we selected eight interiors draped in shades of red, including an office in Belgium, a bar toilet in London and a mansion in Mexico.

Red is often associated with activity, passion, sexuality, love and happiness. This lookbook highlights the ways interior designers and architects have used color in various interior environments.

How To Use Red In Interior Design

How To Use Red In Interior Design

The red terracotta roof covers the interior of a house in Barcelona, ​​​​​​and the red tinted glass creates a bright magma hue inside a house at the base of a volcano.

Home Offices That Turn To Red For Energy And Excitement

This is the latest in our series of lookbooks, which draw visual inspiration from the archive. See past lookbooks featuring terraces and balconies, marble-clad bathrooms and cave interiors for more inspiration.

Oslo-based architect Jan Danielsen Aarhus designed a gabled shed in the grounds of a retired couple’s home in Lillehammer, Norway, to be used for painting, sculpture, crafts and as a space for additional life.

The gable shed entrance is completely covered in red, including its window frames. The color was chosen specifically to contrast with the raw wood exterior of the structure.

In Belgium, studio Anton Hendrik Denis & Stein Architekten transformed an industrial office building and added colorful graphics and bold tones to define areas throughout the interior.

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The kitchen-cum-bar of the office, including its floor, walls, ceiling, fixtures and furniture, is covered in an orange-red hue, denoting and zoning the interior areas without the need for dividing walls.

Vibrant red covers the cupboard doors, drawers, floors, walls and ceiling of a shared staff kitchen in a social service center in Brussels, designed by WAW Architects.

The center is housed in a former orphanage and has been converted into offices by an architectural studio. Bright colors were used throughout the interior to color code the office with red extending from the kitchen to the adjacent corridor.

How To Use Red In Interior Design

Located in a basement in London’s Soho, the speakeasy-style bar SOMA was designed by Cake Architecture and Max Radford.

Elements Of Interior Design To Decorate Your Home In 2024

The bathroom of the underground bar was painted a deep red and lined with wooden tools and trimmings, which were used to surround the door frames and for shelves in each of the cubicles.

Red is used as a running theme throughout this family home on the outskirts of Barcelona. It was designed by local studio Arquitectura-G and is located directly above a pre-existing garage.

Red is the color of the interior and exterior, with many materials used externally to decorate the interior, such as red bricks, red corrugated panels and clay tiles.

Rich tones of red cover the walls and floors of this abandoned mansion in the Lomas neighborhood in Mexico City, which gallerist Massa used as a setting for the exhibition.

White And Red Living Room, Interior Design, Modern, Perspective Angle On Craiyon

The 1970s house was decorated with furniture designed by 16 designers and architects from Mexico City, including Esrave, EWE Studio and Frida Escobedo. The interior features a grand staircase topped with a red corridor.

Although there are no physical red elements in this room, the Lookout House is equipped with red glass that gives the interior a bright red color when light penetrates the house.

The house is located in Truckee, California at the base of Lookout Mountain Volcano. It was designed by Faulkner Architects who wanted to imitate the color of the cooling magma in the house.

How To Use Red In Interior Design

A bright red interior was chosen as the focal point for the offices of a motocross clothing company in California. The headquarters was designed by Clive Wilkinson Architects, who converted a 7,600 square meter warehouse into a flexible workplace.

Gorgeous Color Combination With Red To Try For Your Home

A conference room in the headquarters was enclosed in red tinted glass and fitted with a deep red carpet. A large white table and matching chairs, with bright red upholstered seats, are placed in the center of the space.

This is the latest in our series of lookbooks, which draw visual inspiration from the archive. See previous lookbooks for more inspiration. Terraces and balconies, marble-lined bathrooms and cave interiors are a little harder. This time, we are talking about a bold move in terms of design, the red energy movement is all about substance, brilliance and fun. When seen in makeup, fashion and design, red is a timeless color, a power movement like no other.

It breathes life into spaces, red is attractive and powerful. Rich and exotic, whether it’s a rich deep burgundy red or a splash on your walls, the mood is spot on! Mix patterns and different shades and the right mood is complete.

Keeping the room cool and stylish is different. If the goal is not to overwhelm the room, this is the tone to go for. Adding a touch to the room, the bright red decor calls for an end of the year purge and adds mood to that bland room.

What Is The ‘unexpected Red Theory’ And Can It Work In Any Room?

Affecting every element, this powerful tone is as fascinating as it sounds. A movement of energy against the grays of last year’s color design trends, bright red tones call for revolution, joy and fun.

A great choice when it comes to adding a colorful accent to any modern home decor. The red color goes exceptionally well and the neutral interior brings them to life. Create a focal point with this incredible shade alongside some dark reclaimed wood and crisp white walls.

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