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Small Space Solutions: Storage Hacks

Small Space Solutions: Storage Hacks – I feel like storage is always high on my household agenda – we don’t have built-in storage, so every drawer and unit counts! with a growing collection of toys and clothes in every closet I have to become more and more creative in the way I store my things.

I’ve been doing a few things to maximize unused spaces in my home and thought I’d share a few with you.

Small Space Solutions: Storage Hacks

Small Space Solutions: Storage Hacks

One of my favorites is this hidden door storage, all you need is this grid panel – I shared this idea and how to install it quickly at Hanker House, go check it out. this is an easy way to use closet doors because they are wasted space!!

Creative Small Space Craft Storage And Decor Ideas

(I styled it with cleaning supplies for these photos, but after a wardrobe change I’ve been using it to hang bags and purses – it’s great because it stays neat and easy. ​​​that can be seen. Some bags do not hang on my clothes. rail.)

I have a few more ideas that I will share with you over the next few weeks, let me know if you try any of them and if you have any hacks too! Finding storage solutions for small spaces can be difficult. There are some amazing DIY storage ideas to tame clutter in even your tightest spaces! I love these ideas for creating order and efficiency (which are two of my favorite things!) in quirky ways. Once even the smallest area of ​​your home is organized, it will help you keep your entire home clean and tidy!

Making the most of vertical space is important if you live in a small space or are trying to organize a small room. Most rooms have wall space, so take advantage! These are smart storage ideas that don’t give up valuable floor or closet space.

A painted board hanger with hooks is a good choice for pots and pans. If you have limited storage space in a small kitchen, using walls can free up more drawer and cabinet space. And if you compare it like this dark green table with copper and iron utensils, it’s double decoration!

Genius Small Apartment Storage Ideas For Easy Living

Don’t have an extra closet to clean out? Create a small space with a DIY pegboard to hang your cleaning supplies. Add shelves for extra space to keep things clean and tidy. You can place it anywhere that is easily accessible.

Even if you’re lucky enough to have a large garage or storage shed, interior storage space may be limited. Using an aisle system to utilize wall space is a great way to carve out an area for yard tools and other items that might hang in the aisle.

When storage space is at a premium, rear doors are real estate! There is plenty of cupboard space and pantry doors that easily provide hidden storage.

Small Space Solutions: Storage Hacks

Use a smart system for your wallets behind the door. This system has hooks and compartments to accommodate all types of purses and clutches. I love it because it’s so easy to access and it doesn’t take up precious closet space! This is especially key if you have a small closet (or a large bag collection!). You can use this idea for other accessories like belts, scarves and seasonal items.

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas To Make Your Space Feel Spaci

Use small clear shelves inside your closet to store makeup and other accessories and essentials. This frees up bathroom counter space (if you have one!)

Lids for pots and pans do not hold well. If you’re not blessed with tons of kitchen shelves, create internal storage behind your pantry door and you won’t have to waste precious space above the lids! This type of system also makes it quick and easy to get what you need while cooking.

The back door hanging grid system gives you tons of storage options. You can easily connect the grid with command hooks, which is a great idea for extra storage in a studio apartment, condo or rental! All kinds of brushes, mops and vacuum cleaners hang here. But it can also be used for anything you need space for – handbags, dog leashes or adding a basket for gloves and mittens.

We love using the back door storage! Our favorite is the Elfa system, which we use to maximize space in our small linen closet. I love that there are so many options for placing tools and the system is so versatile (we also use it in our daughters closets).

Diy Storage Ideas & Organization Hacks For Small Spaces

Building a smart storage unit in your home is a great way to solve your storage problems. DIY projects can add storage to small spaces and can be customized to exactly what works best for your home!

Often older or historic homes are severely lacking in closet space. This amazing DIY project for under-stairs storage is a fantastic way to solve this problem! Don’t use part of your living room or entryway for a wardrobe, and replace it with a walk-in closet.

Smart shoe maintenance is very important! One of my pet peeves is finding shoes in our house. This DIY Shoe Drawer is a great alternative to traditional shoe systems and takes advantage of often overlooked under the bed storage! It can also double as a storage box for sweaters, extra blankets or sheets. Depending on the height of your bed frame, you can make it deeper for more storage.

Small Space Solutions: Storage Hacks

Build yourself a stunning shelving unit that fits in the space between the wall and the fridge. Talk about using every inch of your space! This narrow shelf is a simple DIY that is perfect for storing spices and lots of canned goods and sauces.

Genius Ideas For Better Small Bathroom Storage • Craving Some Creativity

No closet in the bathroom? Create your own storage space in the small space between the bathroom sinks! It’s the perfect place to stash towels, toiletries and extra TP! It is very smart to use the normally lost light and it can be done in other areas of your home where you need less storage space.

Sometimes a little trick is a big space saver. We all have problem spaces in our homes that are difficult to organize because they are small and full of things, so we have to be creative.

Having reusable water bottles is just a part of life these days. If you have a kitchen that doesn’t have a lot of space, water bottles can be a headache. Placing your water bottles on their sides in a magazine holder is a great way to store them. You can use the same idea for bottled drinks!

Another space saver for storing water bottles is to use wine racks in your closet or kitchen. They stack easily and this allows kids to grab what they need without messing around and knocking them over!

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas To Maximize Your Space

Magazine holders attached to the back of your cabinet door are a great place for packages and ziplock bags. It is easily accessible without taking up an entire closet or storage. You can also use this storage trick for lids, pot holders, or cleaning supplies.

Keeping lids on reusable plastic storage containers is a pain, especially if you don’t have a ton of storage space. I love this hack – hang a file holder on your cabinet door and use it to store all those files! This is a great idea to save space and stay organized.

There is not much storage space in some bathrooms. I love this idea of ​​adding a cart to make extra room for toiletries, extra paper and towels. And adding a plant makes it look like a piece of furniture, which I really like. This same principle can be applied to any room where you need to add some hidden storage!

Small Space Solutions: Storage Hacks

This simple zipper bag is one of my secret weapons for staying organized. It makes great storage for tons of stuff. We use it for board games, but you can use it to keep your space small and tidy!

Diy Storage Ideas To Organize A Small Space For Less

These storage ideas for small spaces are great for maximizing any space you have without sacrificing organization. Create your own little pantry with these hacks to keep your space organized and your home running smoothly!

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Whether you live in a historic home or a small apartment in the city, you may not have the closet space to properly store your clothes — and that can be a pain.

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