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The Latest Trends In Wallpaper

The Latest Trends In Wallpaper – If there is one decorating trick that can instantly transform an interior, it should be wallpaper. By adding depth and movement to walls, it can be used in small spaces to feel larger or larger spaces to feel more intimate and collected. Wallpaper has seen a huge resurgence in recent years, with interior designers embracing its transformative power and using the paper to create schemes that range from playful to whimsical to minimalist. Here we take a look at the top theme trends for 2023 – there’s sure to be one to inspire you…

Black colors are very attractive in theme styles, and high-quality metals add a sense of destruction and luxury to the look. Use them in rooms not blessed with natural light – the old adage that we shouldn’t try to fight in a dark room.

The Latest Trends In Wallpaper

The Latest Trends In Wallpaper

Indeed – as their soft light adds subtle dimension to a room, especially when enhanced with a layered lighting arrangement. Our Lumen at Dusk wallpaper features a stylish wisteria and is printed on parchment paper, enhancing the quality of its design. It’s perfect for a small space like a powder room where you want to add a sense of drama, and it’s also great for evening spaces like a dining room or bedroom. A few gold accents wouldn’t go amiss either.

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Landscapes and murals remain two popular landscape trends for 2023, reflecting our desire to create homes that transport us to distant lands as soon as we close the front door. Interior designers go to town with these themed designs, using themed wallpaper in key areas like the dining room or entryway to capture guests’ imaginations and spark conversations. We have also seen interesting landscape designs used in really thoughtful places: for example, in a wardrobe or even in a bathroom (although remember that in a humid place the wallpaper needs to be treated with a protective layer). Our Yanagi theme design has a wonderful oriental theme, perfect for adding a new dimension to a room. Its bright pastel colors—another essential theme style—bring a sense of fun to any room.

If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that we can be bold with our interiors, embracing color and design to transform them into beautiful and inspiring places where we want to spend time. One of the best theme styles. In 2023, large landscape designs will take center stage, bringing an aesthetic look to the interior of the room. With vibrant colors and a wonderfully uplifting feel, Jungle Rumble in Parrot is a stunning model that will liven up any room. If you are afraid to put paper on an entire room or wall, consider the design of the wallpaper as art and hang the panel framed, or paper consisting of several covers, if you choose, say raspberry pink or green as the color of the post. . The possibilities are truly endless…

Much attention has been paid to the importance of bringing nature into our designs, with interior designers choosing colors and designs that are mindful of our surroundings to help create an inspiring and grounded atmosphere in our homes. Floral landscaping is a landscape trend that has never gone away, helping to connect with the outdoors and capture the joy of being in nature. Smartly designed, our playful Wild themed design is futuristic, featuring exotic flowers mixed with stylized lions and birds. If your style is more modern, Les Fauves in Emerald is inspired by Fauvist painting and offers bright colors and vibrant brushstrokes. We see this bold theme combined with simple Nordic furniture for a new Scandi interior style.

Botanical landscapes, which will grace one of the key landscape trends of 2023, acknowledge our growing interest in bio-based design, which recycles the natural environment indoors to strengthen our connection to the environment. Landscaping options range from calm and peaceful images – think delicate leaf designs or beautiful trailing patterns – to tropical designs that evoke the vibrancy of a rainforest. Classic timeless prints have been reinvented in new color schemes for a more modern look, with our Uhura theme a prime example. Featuring beautiful plants and butterflies, this red pepper themed patterned theme is perfect for bringing warmth and sophistication to your scheme. We chose teal skirting to play on the modern aesthetic of the paper.

Wallpaper Trends 2022: For The Best Dressed Walls

Nostalgia has played an important role in interior design in recent years and this has led to a resurgence of interest in nostalgic design themes. Classic designs that evoke beautiful historic homes are one of the top landscape trends of 2023, bringing a sense of history to interiors that connects us to our past. Our monkey puzzle design with palm trees and tropical monkeys is one of Linwood’s most iconic prints and is perfect for bringing a baroque feel to your interior. Avoid pastiche by adding some modern details: deep indigo wood and textured sandalwood flooring do the trick here.

Chinoiserie is another landscape style experiencing a renaissance thanks to our renewed interest in all things decorative. The combination of Eastern and Western influences is a beauty that gained great popularity in the 18th century

Century, when decorative objects inspired by the Far East first began to decorate the most fashionable homes. Today, stylish interiors are once again champions of this style – large oriental-inspired prints and wall art bring a sense of luxury to our homes. Our urban themed design captures beauty with its intricate print featuring stylized birds, bamboo and flowers. The Blossom color scheme is powerful and beautiful, fitting beautifully into a bedroom or any room that needs a colorful and timeless design.

The Latest Trends In Wallpaper

Monochrome is one of those wallpaper styles with limitless possibilities: think wallpaper in sepia tones, elegant graphics, graphics or abstract designs that use this restrained palette for a more elegant look. Black and white versions of our prints include Island Paradise in Charcoal, a toilet that brings a classic feel to interiors, and Rumi in Smoky, a mystical, eco-friendly image. Pair with pale pieces to enhance texture, or add touches of black to bring an interesting look to your decor.

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Prints are one of the latest wallpaper trends and are great news for anyone who likes to add design and order to a room’s layout. Strong geometric patterns or bold repeating patterns are great for adding depth and movement, something that color alone can’t achieve in the same way. Here, our background color scheme, The Wave in Ocean, brings a vibrant feel to the walls and is based on a bold, buttery color that complements the brand perfectly. A master class on how to create an effective tonal scheme.

Textured wallpaper is one of the trends that has continued to grow in recent years, keeping pace with our growing desire for tactile interiors that feel as good as they look. Patterns like seagrass and linen-effect themes are great for adding warmth, while trompe l’oeil patterns that create faux textures – from wood to stone and even intricate details like paneling – are great for adding character to a room. Even subtly textured wallpaper can make a difference: our Miyagi design is printed on parchment paper with a slightly elevated look, giving it an attractive and attractive quality, perfect for a stylish and sophisticated home.

We hope you’ve been inspired to create your own interior design and embrace a new landscape design. Papering all four walls – or five if you count the ceiling – can create a wonderful immersive effect, but if that makes you nervous, consider using the design in smaller areas: on the chimney breast, inside the ceiling or even. behind the closet. Be sure to call for a sample to see your options where you are, and remember to have fun – wallpaper has the power to enliven and enhance our homes.

What? Are wall panels trendy? Designs imitating trompe l’oeil panels are undeniably timeless, bringing character and texture to walls. Designs range from papers depicting natural wood or painted panels – ideal for a library or lounge, for example – to images that capture the effects of wood or veneer. The selection ranges from rustic to traditional, so there’s something for everyone.

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What? Is striped wallpaper a safe choice? Many interior designers have a favorite striped theme in their arsenal, and they range from simple, relaxed designs that add interest to the walls to bold designs.

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